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Aug 6, 2007 02:07 PM


We had a bit of a pizza party Sat. PM. We made 4 different pizzas for 6 people. 2 were Veg and 2 were meat. I had not made Sfincuini from Marcella's Essentials in a long time, I think it is on P 692. It is from Palermo and is a double crust with a very simple filling. What is key here is the quality of the filling. The filling was 1/2 Lb. ground chuck, 1/3 C. chopped ham (not smoked) white wine, I used some vermouth, imported Italian Fontina...believe me this makes the pizza and good whole milk ricotta.

Just out of the oven:

Cut slice:

I had forgotten how good and simple this was. It will definitely go back into my pizza rotation.

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  1. Mmmm! Candy was kind enough to give me a slice the next day -- I'd never had this before, and it was very delicious and quite different.

    1. I heard you can make just cheese fillings; is this true?

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        I don't know, give it a try, it would be like a big grilled or baked cheese sandwich.

      2. My mother used to make something similar but filled it with anchovies, chopped prunes, or raisins, carmelized onions a few dashes of red pepper flake. I can't remember if she used any cheese, however. The combination of sweet and salty was absolutely delicious.

        1. I had the remainder for lunch today.. The crust is a little bit different than a regular pizza crust and reheated in the microwave beautifully with no toughness,

          I am dislexic with numbers, It is page 629. She calls the filling a Conza, She offers a recipe also for a tomato and anchovy and a broccoli and ricotta filling.

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          1. re: Candy

            I think you could do caramelized onions or grilled veggies, with cheese, and have a tasty morsel.

            1. re: pikawicca

              You could and please the veggies. I really like it the way it was. The imported Fontina was key though.

          2. I will definitely check it out; I have that cookbook. I just picked some zucchini and would love to use them in that.