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Aug 6, 2007 01:44 PM

Melt in Saucon Valley

Has anyone been? Looking for info on both quality of food, atmosphere, and cost for a gathering of about 6-8 people. Thanks!

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  1. If memory serves, it's the same owner as Blue up near Bethlehem, so the foods probably really good, atmosphere is there, but the cost may be on the high side. It's probably a safe bet, but nothing too adventurous. I've been to Blue once, on a Monday night, and it was decent, but not great. I don't think the long-ball-hitters were in the kitchen. Appetizers were great, though. Good luck. If you're coming from far afield, there are other places in the general area that are probably more chow-ish.

    1. The atmosphere is definitely awesome. The menu and food is good, but nothing
      real exciting. It is worth going one time. The prices are a little high.

      1. Sophisticated space, leisurely service, extensive wine list. Many starters are large enough to share, and the pasta dishes are moderately priced. Entrees can be pricey ( and I've never ordered one). Loved the papardelle with ragu and the gelato.

        1. Melt is the same owner as Blue, I thought that it would be a great choice for a romantic dinner for my fiancee and I. I was only half right. The restaurant is classy and chic and makes a great first impression. Unfortunately, I think that the chefs were sleeping in the kitchen. The wine list and drink menu was pretty extensive but slightly over priced for the area in my opinion. The dinner menu seemed to show alot of potnential. Again, at first glance, rather pricey...but once I received our food I was very unsatisfied. For the price that they charged for the plates, I would have expected heavan in my mouth. It was not. The carpaccio was overpowered by raw shiitake mushrooms and was more like a plate of shaved parm cheese. The eggplant app ws nice, but def NOT worth $15. Then I made the grave mistake of ordering the veal special. It was horrible. It was grilled and over cooked. It was chewy and caused me send it back. It wasnt worth paying $35 for. The manager acted accordingly and gave me a different entree of the chicken rollentini. That was much better. Over all, I give 2 out of 5 stars. I dont reccomend it. If you want an amazing meal...go to Apollo's Grill on Broad St. in Bethlehem. It is AMAZING!


            EYE CANDY:
            Melt boasts a gorgeously designed and thoughtfully well executed modern interior, unusual for it’s location in Center Valley, Pennsylvania. Beautifully chosen materials of marble, dark hard woods featuring a spare glass gallery wall of hand blown glass vessels along a spare, angular staircase. Artfully arranged light fixtures, enclosed fireplace and warm red interior accents strongly evoke what your meal will be…

            FACE PLACE:
            Melt was my number one choice for taking people to dinner or lunch for business. I felt the Melt was a sophisticated option to put your best face for business. Why not frame a meeting extremely well with great surroundings, great food?

            I stopped going to melt both professionally and personally after my guests and I continued to be met with odd male waiters with inappropriately long eye contact. Two business colleagues were corrected abruptly on their pronunciation of a menu items. Silverware from the starter course was often taken off the plate and place back on the table to use for the entrée.

            FOOD, WHAT TO EXPECT:
            Melt’s first year running was very good, including the food. But like the odd and creepy male waiters who started to make their appearance, the food became terrible, and in some cases inedible:
            Food is over seasoned with salt and garlic.
            Caesar Salad is often overdressed and the greens have been sitting in the dressing and the acid has caused the lettuce to wilt.
            Bresaola Salad was a favorite, the salad greens are fair, however the amount of air cured beef is too small.

            Pasta dishes feature very little protein and cheese that tends to be over cooked, amount of pasta is minimal, and the pasta bowl is swimming in pasta water that was not properly drained.
            Pizzas have a great thin crust, again proteins and cheese are very minimal, and in some cases sauce isn’t enough to cover the pizza crust, creating more of a doughy-disc than a pizza.

            There is an exceptional Italian rustic pound cake that is serviced with fruit which is terrific with espresso or coffee. Never disappointed with this selection.

            It’s all packaging. Overly priced, for food and service that is awful. Go for a drink, or the Italian pound cake with fruit with a coffee. Go to Pacifico across the way from Melt ot Edge in Bethlehem.