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Aug 6, 2007 01:38 PM

NY Mag Article About Bravo's Reality Shows.

Interesting article in New York Magazine about Bravo the contestants of it's reality shows. Much or the article is about the contestants of Project Runway. The author also has some serious bias and omission issues regarding Top Chef. It still makes for interesting reading

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  1. Wow.

    I mean WOW. Really interesting. Thanks for posting.

    1. Whoa. I wondered about what happens to most of these people & you assume that most of them make deals & a few go on to better things. I had no idea Jay from season 1 PR declined the money ($100k) because he didn't want to part w/ 10 % of his clothing line(that didn't even exist yet!). Crazy.

      And Sam from Top Chef was in the running to become a Bachelor? That was funny as hell & news to me.

      1. Really intersting. I always wonder what happens to these people after the show. I love that Laura, or her hubby, bought back some of her clothes. That's very her. I am also anxious to check out Harold's resto. It should be interesting.

        1. What did you find to be biased in re: Top Chef? And what was committed that you think should have been included?

          Thanks for the link, really interesting read.

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          1. re: ccbweb

            Maybe it was describing Ilan as "appealing" and Marcel as "totally evil"?

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            As to the article itself, it's very interesting, although I think it only highlights what most people know intuitively -- going on a reality show is not going to make you a success if you don't have the talent, drive and luck to back it up. Some of the contestants highlighted in the article, like Santino from Project Runway and Harold from Top Chef, have capitalized on their wins. Others haven't. I have to wonder what more was behind the dispute between Jay and Bravo/Weinstein Co., because it seems awfully strange they would pull his prize money for a contract clause they've since dropped from the contract. In any event, where would Jay be if he hadn't been on the show? Still running a secondhand clothing store in rural Pennsylvania? If that's the life he wants, he should go back there, otherwise he needs to swallow the bitter pill, quit his whining and get a real job like the rest of us -- one that hopefully will take him in the right direction to achieve his dreams.

            1. re: DanaB

              I think the case with Jay was that he turned down the 100K because of the clause, then Bravo did away with the clause, but he had already turned it down.

              The point of the article is to use the shows as a stepping stone rather than as something that will make you. I think the comment about maturity, i.e the older contestants are the ones that are doing things with the fame, is pretty meaningful. Harold is pretty even keeled and mature, Jay? Not so much. he is probably pretty talented but he is ill prepared to capitalize.

              1. re: DanaB

                It was said, at sometime after Jay won, that he didn't want to do the "internship" part with Banana Republic either. It all smacks of arrogance for someone who was (still isn't) going anywhere. He got his 15mins and failed to capitalize.

                @ Phaedrus: The 10% clause is/was strictly from The Weinstein Company (Bravo does not own Project Runway)