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Aug 6, 2007 01:27 PM

NY eats suggestions???

We will be visiting Manhattan in October and would like to find favorite local places to eat. We enjoy different types ( Indian, Thai, Italian, Chinese, Cuban, Persian, etc.) We like to stay away from touristy and chain places for the obvious reasons. Please suggest your city's best for: pizza, Italian, hot dogs, bakery, cheesecake, steak, and any other local favs. We like to eat on a budget but can splurge a little for a good dinner place. Also traveling with 2 teenagers, so any recs for them would be great. Thanks so much.

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  1. For a really good chinese meal, try Congee Village, 100 Allen Street.
    For a fun place for Italian, go to Puglia, 189 Hester Street. Then go to Caffe Palermo for the best cannolies in NY.

    1. To get all restaurant addresses and check menus, go to:

      I recommend: Ali Baba Turkish Cuisine, Cuba, Crispo, Banjara, Kittichai (a dinner splurge, but the teens will totally dig the swank atmosphere), The Stanton Social (a fun, unique concept that I find really interesting and the food to be solid), Milk & Cookies Bakery, tons of places within The Chelsea Market, Murray's Cheese, Ess-a-Bagel (one of the many great bagel places in NYC)...

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        Thanks guys this will really help.

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        1. I love Saigon Grill for Vietnamese, AND it's inexpensive. One on the Upper West Side and one in Union Square. Nicky's Sandwiches are great, and even teenagers will like them b/c the chicken ones are simple, and delicious. Frank and Il Bagatto are good, inexpensive Italian, as is L'il Frankie's. Yakiniku West is my fave - excellent, not-too-expensive Japanese - I recommend a few appetizers and then sharing a "short rib set" between two people (comes with short rib that you cook at the table - simple and delicious) and soup, salad, and ice cream. You can find all of the menus on, Yakiniku you can see here: