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Aug 6, 2007 01:16 PM


I know some people really like, or might wanting to try for a first or have one last time.

From Zagat - Alex Ureña is closing his eponymous restaurant after service on Saturday, August 18th, and will reopen it as Pamplona, a bistro specializing in Basque cooking, the day after Labor Day. It will feature lower price points and a spiffed-up setting, which was always a sticking point with surveyors despite Ureña's 25 Food score (37 E. 28th St.; 212-213-2328).

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  1. Thank you for the report! I work about three doors down from there and always meant to go...but the prices were too high for my pocketbook. But this gives me a reason to check out some appetizers at happy hour, though! Any appetizer suggestions?

    1. I'm not surprised though I've always been a fan. The last time we were there (about 3 weeks ago) there was NO AIR CONDITIONING and equally few diners. The food was good, but not up to par. I'll be anxious to try Pamplona.