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Aug 6, 2007 01:12 PM

Best Restaurant in Koreatown, Los Angeles

Hi All!

Besides Seoul Jung, Woo Le Oak and others, can anyone please suggest some great Korean restaurants in L.A. or Koreantown?


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  1. What type of K food are you looking for?

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    1. re: Servorg

      Nice atmosphere and great food...Thanks!

      1. re: keithlca

        Do you want a great BBQ place or Korean Chinese food or K soon tofu or sushi or banchan or mandu or?

        1. re: Servorg

          Authenthic Korean BBQ. No sure what is banchan...Thanks!

    2. Chosun Galbi

      Chosun Galbi Restaurants
      3330 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019

      1. Park's BBQ
        955 S Vermont Ave
        Los Angeles, CA 90006
        (213) 380-1717

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        1. re: MeowMixx

          Agree with Park's and we also like Tahoe Galbi for bbq.

          Banchan are all the little side dishes that they bring out with the bbq meats. If you don't mind some heat get a spicy pork dish to go along with your bulgogi and / or kalbi.

          Tahoe BBQ
          3986 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010

          1. re: MeowMixx

            ditto on park's

            chosun's great for outdoor garden-like ambience, too. but i like the meat at park's better.

          2. KaithIca -

            I'm a 2nd generation Korean (born & raised in Ktown & lived in Seoul for 8 years) & personally i think Koreatown lacks "nice restaurants" with atmosphere/service/quality. For the true experience - 9 course meals from royal dynasty recipes with beautiful interiors, authentic tasty food, & great service - you must take a trip to Seoul and its outskirts. I've never had a meal like that in LA. If someone knows of any, please let me know....

            But if you're talking solely BBQ shortribs aka "L.A. GALBEE" I think this city is the spot to be. I think the term "LA GALBEE" originated when all the native Korean immigrants were trying to recreate what they had back in their homeland (boolgogi - cut pieces of marinated meat). In fact, shortribs are called "L.A. GALBEE" in Korea too.

            I guarantee you within the next several years a new generation of Korean Americans will start opening new restaurants that incorporate ALL elements to a high quality level restaurant. In the meantime, here are a few suggestions:

            1. Chosun Galbi (good for guests) - ambience / service good / $$$
            2. Manna - good for 15 of your closest buddies who want to eat endlessly (its like a party in there) but I've heard rumors regarding "green meat."
            3. The Corner (corner of James M Wood/Vermont) - good for medium sized groups but no ambience whatsoever. I love their cold noodles!
            4. Sa Rit Gol for consistent Korean food - reminds me of Korean food in the countryside.
            5. GOBAWOO - i think its on Vermont - for yummy pork belly. Authentic in my opinion.
            6. Soot Bull Jeep - tasty food but the interior/exterior scares me so I'd avoid this place if this is important to you.

            Other places to check out:
            1. GGOOL DWEJI (HONEY PIG) on Olympic for pork
            2. NEW restaurant - BANCHAN on Western- read some posts on chowhound a couple weeks ago. sounded positive.

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            1. re: flavasista

              I've seen some negative posts on here for Honey Pig (on Eighth near Taylor's, not Olympic), but I've had good meals there. The black pork, wild boar, and even the beef (my friends like it) are great. (The Korean language-only section of the menu has octopus, too, which is common on many tables.) The rice here comes at the end of the meal - a big bowl of rice seasoned with chile and seaweed, spread on the inverted round grill. It's great washed down with soju spiked with lemon wedges. There's a place in the Chapman Market with the similar dome-like grills, too.

              1. re: flavasista

                Thank you so very much for all the great suggestions. My family and I will make time to visit most of the recommended restaurants!

                  1. re: wilafur

                    Meat that has been spoiled and turned green... or is beginning to go bad. Not a good thing.

                    1. re: woojink

                      nasty! thanks for the heads up.

                      1. re: wilafur

                        As the saying goes, "It's either old meat or young cheese."

                  2. re: flavasista

                    flavasista--I know what you mean because I just had an incredible BBQ meal in Seoul last month. My default BBQ restaurants have been ChosunGalbi and Dong I Jang, so the meal in Seoul was an eye opener for me. Have you tried unmarinated galbi wrapped in sesame leaves? It's soooo good!!! Do you know any of the Korean restaurants here that serves sesame leaves for wraps?

                    1. re: fdb

                      I had the sesame leaves but it was for Korean sashimi not BBQ and I think it was either at Busan or the sashimi place across from the old Ambassador Hotel, on Wilshire next to the Bounty.

                    2. re: flavasista

                      Yong Su San doesn't make your cut, flavsista?

                      At any rate, Yong Su San clearly bills itself as a specialist in Korean Court cuisine, and while I know very little about the specifics of this special dining format, I've certainly enjoyed the meals that I've had there.


                      Yong Su San
                      950 S Vermont Ave


                    3. Manna is gross.

                      I agree with most of the one's listed before, especially Honey Pig and Soot Bull Jeep (great food but you'll come out smelling like a forest fire).

                      The place I would add is Kobawoo House on 7th and Vermont - which is IMO the best non-BBQ Korean restaurant in K-town. Great seafood pancake and also this cold roast pork dish I forget the name of.

                      Also, Dansungsa on 6th and Berendo, which has a good atmosphere and good bar food.