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East Bay Hounds; anyone been to Noodle Therapy?

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My friend told me that a new noodle place has opened up in Oakland, I haven't found any reviews for it but hopefully someone has had an experience that they can share.

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    1. uh, it's noodle theory not noodle therapy. there are plenty of reviews for it, here and elsewhere.

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        Thanks for letting me know...my friend emailed me and told me it was Noodle Therapy!

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          maybe it was so good it was like therapy, lol. Reviews are mixed, so I haven't tried it yet.

      2. We went a few Sundays ago and thought it very good and would return. From noon to 1pm, there were only two tables occupied including ourselves, so busy it was not.

        Hubby had the Beef Udon in Curry Coconut Lime Broth. It was deliciously rich, but not too overpowering on the flavors. Everything melded nicely. The Beef was perfectly seared and complemented the Udon well. There were also a few crunchy slivers of Gai Lan which I enjoyed. For my entree, I had the Grilled Salmon over Salad and Noodles. This was a fresh and light alternative to the soups. Great for a warm Summer day. We loved sharing our meal and having a bit of both.

        1. Adding a link:

          Noodle Theory
          6099 Claremont Ave, Oakland, CA 94618

          1. We've been there just once, for therapeutic noodles. It was very good food, but it was loud: there's an open kitchen with a noisy fan.
            We had the green beans in black bean sauce, which (contrary to previous reviews) was not too salty.
            It's a bit hard to share the noodle soups, so we each had our own dish. The daily special was halibut, pan-fried; I was told it was not so good. I had the ground pork noodles, quite tasty. Corkage fee was quite low as I recall.

            Noodle Theory
            6099 Claremont Ave, Oakland, CA 94618

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              I've been for lunch, and it was wonderfully spicy. I think the seating area is awkward, though.

            2. Never eaten in, but it's great for take-away. Not cheap, but the ingredients are good quality, and the prices are great for Rockridge. We've had the spicy pork noodles, which are tasty (though a bit one dimensional). The ginger chicken noodles are nice and very kid friendly, as are the tofu/veg noodles. The udon in curry broth with beef is definitely best in show thus far. The beef is surprisingly tender. It's lightly cooked and then added to the soup, rather than braised. The curry broth is definitely more-ish, though I like to add a bit of spice to it. One dish will feed a hungry adult. Those with lighter appetites will have left overs. Side veg have been nice, esp. the napa cabbage. These servings are not, however, large.