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Aug 6, 2007 12:37 PM

Recommendation for a winery with food near Tanger Outlets?

Hi chowhounders - I'm going to be heading out towards Tanger this weekend, and was looking for a winery nearby that has good food for lunch as well as good wines. All recommendations welcome! Thanks for the help.

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  1. I am not aware of any that serve lunch on a regular basis. They mostly have a tasting room and host catered events from time to time.

    Try :

    1. As far as I know, almost all of the wineries are east of Tanger.

      There are some nice, mediocre restaurants around the wineries.

      I have not seen a winery on LI that serves any more food then a tiny cheese & cracker platter for $5.

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        I may be wrong, but it might have to do with typical NY law nonsense. I read the other day that wineries are just not allowed to cook food at weddings. Prior to this, it had to be brought it. Of course, catering halls complained that it's unfair, but perhaps this is why.

        Try Duck Walk or Wolffer Estate in the Hamptons, then you'll be closer to the scene down there. Wolffer is really great.

      2. Most wineries do not serve food. Your best bet is to pick up a sandwich along the way. All the good wineries are about 15 miles or so east of Tanger. You have to go to the Cutchogue area.

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          Thanks everyone...I could sware that once when I had done the northfork wineries I had eaten at a restaurant attached to one of the wineries, though I may be confusing myself with having eaten somewhere while doing the Fingerlakes trail (gotta start swishin 'n spittin instead of quaffin' if this is what my memory has come to...). No worries though - thanks for the suggestions. If anyone's got a favorite lunch/brunch spot along the way I'm all ears.

          1. re: NYEpicuriosity

            If you're forgoing the wineries for lunch then go to Buoy One. It's my usual lunch spot after hitting the stores. I have also been known to drive there from where I live in Queens without the promise of outlet shopping just to get my fried seafood fix.

            It's actually a fish market that also has a seafood restaurant and the seafood is great. Caveat: I have only had the fried seafood dishes (the shrimp is really good as is the flounder) but I am always very happy with it. The fried seafood comes with incredibly crispy fries - have never been let down by those fries. They have indoor seating that isn't so great and a nice patio (it overlooks the road but I think it's better than being inside).

            Buoy One
            1175 W Main St, Riverhead, NY 11901

            1. re: NYEpicuriosity

              You may be thinking of the former Wine Garden restaurant that was right near a bunch of North Road Wineries like Bidwell and Pindar.

          2. How far east are you willing to go? Drive another half hour and go to Soundview Inn. It's on the water (duh!), seafood specials ROCK and they have an assortment of local wines on their menu - plus you will be passing most of the major vineyards along the way (for quaffing, of course!)

            1. Hey everyone, thanks for all the recs and ideas. I wound up going with Jamesport Country Kitchen out in Laurel. The food was right on for the price, staff are all really sweet people, and it's a simple homey little place. If you're looking for a good weekend brunch, a decent lunch, and I would even imagine an inexpensive satisfying dinner, it's just the right place.