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Aug 6, 2007 12:33 PM

Boston For the Weekend

I'll be in Boston for the weekend on business. Last time I was in the neighborhood we ate at Grotto and the Federalist, but I wasn't that impressed with either. Does anyone have a few good recommendations? Staying in the Cambridge area, but I'll go anywhere the T does. Anything works as long as it's unique and well prepared.


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  1. If you like really fresh and inventive sushi and don't mind dropping $$$, I'd try O-Ya. I posted about it earlier today.

    1. In Cambridge, I'd try Oleana. It's a walk from the T, but has great unique Mediterranean food. Lots of posts about it on the list.

      1. Unique would be Gargoyle's in Davis Sq. Not my favorite last time I was there but many fans on the board. Om in Harvard Sq. is interesting. And Oleana a 10 min walk from. Central Sq.

        1. Trattoria Toscana in the Fenway purportedly has the only authentic Tuscan cuisine in Boston.

          Taranta in the North End serves Italian/Peruvian fusion.

          The Helmand in East Cambridge is the only Afgan restaurant in the city.

          Baraka Cafe serves North African/Tunisian food in Central Sq., Cambridge.

          Clio is considered by many to be the most inventive. Very expensive.

          All of these places are unique, and the food is considered terrific by most on the board.

          1. Try Royal Bengal in Central Sq for bengali food. Mishti dol and the banana blossoms are two favourites of mine.

            YoMa for homey Burmese in Allston.

            Suvranabhumi Kiri for Cambodian (order off the Cambodian menu), also Allston.

            O'Cantinho for Portuguese. Their bigger sibling, Atasca has an all Portuguese wine list that's worth checking out.