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Aug 6, 2007 12:33 PM

salt lake city to moab, dining outside of price

When traveling from SLC to Moab, or to Lake Powell, or to Green River to my favorite motel in the world (River Terrace) sometimes a person gets hungry around Price. Right outside of Price is a blip of a town called Wellington. I have driven through it a million times, and always noticed a place advertising steaks etc. Couldnt ever tell if it was even open. Yesterday a friend and I took the plunge. I love finding semi-sleazy places that might possibly serve decent food and take me back years in time. Yes, it was open (called the Cowboy Grill or something like that) Classic 60's type combo of a dark place, bar, dance floor, "fancy" dining room, pool table. You get the idea. Waitress asks us if we're members. I say no but we'll buy a temporary membership. so she explains that we can do that for four bucks, good for thirty days. or we can pay 14 for a year membership. now it irritates me that in utah you have to pay to patronize a place, particularly since i really can't discern the advantage of eating at a private club as opposed to a restaurant that has a liquor license. Anyway, she then adds "if you buy the year membership you get a twenty dollar credit against your food." "can we use it today?" I ask. yep. so in essence they pay you six bucks to join. Mais oui! menu classic steak, burger, fried shrimp, lots of lamb choices etc. we both choose a steak sandwich, eight or nine bucks. first comes absolutely delicious hamburger soup, stuffed with meat and vegetables. wonderful. a very nice dinner salad (no spring greens in these parts, but crisp, no wilted lettuce) then a nice steak on good bread, and a pile of french fries that could feed four people. waitress was classic utah small town nice. next time of course i will assume a new name and get my 20 dollar credit with my new membership. perhaps not chowhoundish, but definitely wonderful road food.

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  1. Thanks for the tip. I have wondered where to stop on this drive many times.

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      in green river, there's always ray's, sort of a cult favorite for its burgers and steaks. and the restaurant at the River Terrace motel called the Tamarisk is actually a good option. Huge windows looking on the river and the food is basic but of excellent quality.

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        I grew up in Price and there are a couple places I would recommend when in town:

        1. Groggs - the only brewpup you'll find between Salt Lake and Moab. The beer's not bad, but they make a an incredible spinach dip served in a hollowed out french loaf. Good german potato salad and homemade soups.

        2. Farlaino's cafe - only open for breakfast and lunch. A great small town diner in a historic building on main street. Great curly fries, milkshakes and homemade italian sausage sandwiches.