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Aug 6, 2007 12:31 PM

Tofu Festival?

Is it worth going?

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  1. Can I get the 411 on this event? sounds interesting!!

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      1. I've been twice in the last five years. Both times I thought it was really fun. You basically buy tickets and then use the tickets to buy tasting portions of different tofu preparations, which vary from traditional Asian to very innovative dishes, and also soy dairy-substitute-type things. The food doesn't particulary stand out in my memory, but it's fun. And the first year I saw a great taiko drum performance, and then two years later Ozomatli performed - so that was excellent. All in all, a nice way to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. But be warned - it's really hot and there's not a lot of shade...

        1. It's something to do to get out of the house. There are a bunch of food booths ranging from "What were they thinking?" to "Wow. I sure like tofu." My favorite in the past were the little tofu tostadas.

          And it's not all tofu. There's chicken and other stuff, too.

          There are also booths with lots of things you didn't know you needed until you see them. And there's various entertainment throughout the day.

          But it gets HOT. Wear a hat.

          In balance, it's a good event. It's for charity and the food is WAY better than most of the other local (i.e., not $150 per ticket) festivals due to the variety.

          I'll probably go this again this year.

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            I've been informed by friends with a business in Little Tokyo (not a food business) that the festival will go from First to Third Street on San Pedro. You'll also see vendors that are not official participants on the outside of the festival hawking their wares too. Not to be a wet blanket, but originally it seemed some real restaurants participated with the intent of luring you into their place with some pretty fancy creations. I recall things like heirloom tomatoes with tofu and some fancy dressing (okay, it doesn't sound so fancy reading this back to myself). Not so much any more, but like others have posted, it is interesting and fun. There was a coupon for free admission for one in yesterday's Sunday L.A. Times in one of the coupon sections.

          2. I wasn't impressed the one time I went a few years ago. Lines were long for bland, greasy tofu dishes I could've had anywhere. Though maybe it's changed since then.

            1. I've gone to the Tofu Festival many times thru the years and, on the whole, yes, worth going. I recommend picking up the map of vendors when you buy food/drink tickets at the "door" and then plan your top must haves and go from there.

              I've just gone over this year's list of food vendors and have picked out my list of possibilities which I must narrow down to three beverages and five foodstuffs (it's gonna be hard to choose):

              Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees & Smoothies
              * Hawaiian All-Natural Fruit Smoothies
              * Soy Mochas
              * Hawaiian (brewed) coffee
              * Blended soy Coffees

              Otafuku Foods Inc.
              * Tofu Okonomiyaki

              Maison Akira
              * Lentil Bean w/ Artichoke
              * Mixed Fruit w/ Blackberry Sauce

              Chandra Thai Restaurant
              * Tofu Satay
              * Pad Thai Tofu
              * Garlic Tofu
              * Lemongrass Chicken

              Your House
              * Mango with Sticky Rice

              Beer/Wine/Sake Garden
              * Singha
              * Cold Sake by ___?

              Edamame Mama (LTSC)
              * Edamame (Naked)
              * Edamame (Dressed Up)

              Fresh Naked Soybeans (LTSC)
              * Edamame (Naked)
              * Edamame (Dressed Up)

              Premium Snow Cones (Ryugakusei Hotline)
              * Matcha (Green Tea) Snow Cones

              Thai Tofu Nirvana (DISKovery Center)
              * Spicy Stir Fried Basil Tofu
              * Pad See Ew w/Tofu
              * Green Curry Tofu w/ Thai Eggplant
              * Steamed White Rice
              * Tomato Cilantro Tofu

              A New Way of Life Cafe
              * Vegan Sweet Potato Pie with Tofu Cream
              * Soft Serve Soy Ice Cream with Tahitian Vanilla Bean
              Naked Juice
              * Free Samples
              o Green Machine
              o Protein Zone
              o Mighty Mango
              o Strawberry Banana

              Stacy’s Pita Chips
              * Free Samples
              o Simply Naked
              o Cinnamon Sugar
              o Parmesan Herb & Garlic
              o Texarkana Hot
              o Pesto & Sundried Tomato
              o Multi-Grain

              * -Free Samples
              * Summer Frappaccinos

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                1. re: yinyangdi

         eel! Last time we went I tried a bit of this, a bit of that, but kept coming back to that EEL, even though it was hot and almost sticky-sweet, and the temperature in the shade was maybe 90-something.

                  Of course, another good thing about the eel stand was no long lines...which is maybe why it's not returning...