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Aug 6, 2007 12:14 PM

Rt 7 Grill/ BBQ Gt Barrington -review

You may have seen an article about the new Route 7 Grill in the Boston Globe recently. It is located on Route 7, south of downtown Great Barrington, past Guido's. The particularly interesting thing about this place, is they attempt to use local products as much as possible. I think this is a good concept to start with, and it seemed like our meals were better for it. Every thing seemed quite fresh and high quality.

We were a party of 5, and all ate different things. and I didn't hear one complaint. Everyone enjoyed their entree, and the sides very much.

For an appetizer, we ordered the skewered sausage. this was a highlight. It was homemade, spicy, and smoky, not greasy. Everybody loved it.

I ate the slow smoked chicken. It was spice rubbed and tasty. Perfectly cooked, not dried out. The bird was a free range one fro, a local farm, so it had good flavor, and wasn't rubbery, nor was the breast oversized and tasteless like supermarket chickens can be. I used a little of the homemade barbecue sauce wih it, which was not too sweet, but perhaps a little bit bland. it could have used a bit of zing.

Another of my party tried the baby back ribs, with St Louis style dry rub. He loved them. They were lean and meaty, not greasy at all. And the serving was a generous size. we have a few left over for lunch!

Others also tried the pulled pork, the pot roast braised in Guiness, and the steak all of which were met with positive reviews.

For sides we had excellent potato salad, braised greens which were well liked, baked beans were pretty good (not too sweet, and clearly home made....maybe a little overcooked), mashed potatoes (pretty standard), and corn on the cob.

The biscuits and corn bread in the bread basket were a bit dry, amd the server only brought about 1 TBsp of butter for a party of 5.

We were all too full to try dessert.

they have a full bar, good beers on tap, a nice selection of single malts if you enjoy such. I didn't really look at the wine list...who drinks wine at a BBQ place??

Service was friendly, but maybe a mite slow. Especially since the weren't very busy on a Sunday night.

all in all, I thought it was really good and I would go back. I want to try the beef short ribs next time...

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  1. Thanks. I saw the article and drive by this place a lot but have never been in. What is it like inside? It looks sort of large and imposing from the road. And I see some sort of a tent off ot the right of the building- is that for outdoor dining? Any green salads? And did the corn seem fresh? The local corn right now is so good, but so many places overcook it or offer out of state corn that has been riding around in a truck for a few days losing flavor. Thanks!

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      its kind of bare, inside, with plain wood walls, tables and chairs. this makes it a bit noisy, Its not that large however. there is a nice bar when you first come in. then a dining room on the right. The covered area is patio dining. they also will do pig roasts for private parties outside.

      they did have a couple of salads on the menu. and the corn seemed fresh and not too overcooked. I think it came from Taft Farms. I know several of the "veggie of the day" choices came from there. there was fish on the menu. but there was nothing to suit a vegetarian diner.

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        Thanks- I am going to go try it out soon. The chicken sounds good to me!