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Aug 6, 2007 11:58 AM

RI to Maine cheap eats

Our family (2 adults 3 kids) will be driving from RI to Bar Harbor. I would appreciate any suggestions for roadside not-to-miss favorites.

Local eateries are great that aren't far off the beaten path, maybe just down a street or two, that'd be great. And definitely cheap eats are appreciated. Pizza, seafood etc. We don't want fancy, just good grub that are local favorites, thanks!

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  1. Go to the web site
    It's the best for local food all across the country.

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    1. re: celiareiss

      Plenty of good info right here on Chowhound; no need to send someone elsewhere.

      Quite a few recent threads on this topic. Suggest using search for Maine Roadtrip.

    2. If your route is 95 to Portland, 295 to Gardiner/Augusta, 95 to Bangor, then south to the island, consider getting off 295 in Yarmouth (just north of Portland), head north on Route 1 for a mile or so, you'll see the Yarmouth Marketplace, a strip mall on the left. In it are Bruce's Burrito's and Romeo's Pizza, both good and reasonable (I had lunch at Bruce's today). Continue north for another two or three miles, and there's an access for 295.

      OR, get off at the next exit and again, head north on 1: Lots of choices on this strip between Yarmouth and Freeport: Day's for lobster and crab rolls and fried fish--takeout, with picnic tables; Old World Gourmet at the Big Indian for good sandwiches and really good cookies (had one of those today, too); Royal River Natural Foods for heathful soups and sandwiches; Buck's Naked BBQ.

      Continuing north, just south of Bangor is Dysert's, a truck stop with low prices and big portions.

      1. Hmmm....what time are you leaving Rhode that we can try and figure out whereabouts you'll be aroun d lunch time.

        1. Try Just Barbs in Sandy Point, Searsport, on Rt. 1 n. Once you cross the Trenton Bridge to MDI all cheap eats vanish!

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            Downhill alert for Just Barb's. Any place with a "for sale" sign on it is enter-at-your-own-risk.

          2. Flo's for hot dogs on Route 1, outside York, in Cape Neddick. there is a branch at the Kittery Trading Post that will have a shorter wait.