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Aug 6, 2007 11:34 AM

Try Harvest again in the Fall?

I was looking around on the internets and saw that Keith Pooler left Harvest. He went to Left Bank at the Stonehedge Inn (formerly Silks). The new executive chef at Harvest, starting in September, will be Mary Dumont, of Dunaway Restaurant at Strawberry Banke and Food and Wine Best New Chef fame.

Her resume could hardly be more impressive.

I've always liked (never loved) Harvest, but have also found the food to be very expensive and not particularly interesting. Maybe this will change things.

Pardon me if this is old news to anyone else or if I missed an obviously labeled previous post.

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  1. Oops! Just noticed this; sorry for redundancy of my previous post.
    I always *did* like the Harvest, though, myself. Found it to be in fact fairly interesting and slightly cheaper than Rialto/UpStairs etc. Different strokes.

    1. "will be Mary Dumont, of Dunaway Restaurant "

      Excellent - that's great news. I haven't been to Harvest in a while, but am a fan of Mary Dumont, so I will definitely be checking it out in the fall.

      1. I think I love eating there just to get a pre and post dinner drink at the bar. If the food improves, it will be a huge bonus.

        1. Thanks for the update....was reading her bio on Boston Chefs, she's trained at some really good places in SF, including the now closed Elisabeth Daniel, where I had a meal that I preferred over the one at the French Laundry.

          1. Hmmm......
            Maybe there's a cause and effect going on here with this trashing of the Dunaway
            dated 8/3/07;

            Btw, I think The Harvest to be very good right now.


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            1. It appears to me that "first-time / one-time" posters are markedly on the increase.
              It maybe be just my imagination but I don't think so.