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Aug 6, 2007 11:29 AM

Who likes the Bubba?

My husband came home with a box of Bubba burgers earlier in the summer and I raised an eyebrow. I've always been a "buy the meat and freeze the patties" type of person. Well, they are, hands down, the BEST frozen burgers I've ever eaten. I love the kind with Vidalia onion- yum!! And I love how easy they are to make- throw them frozen on the grill and they're done in no time.

Anyone else a fan?

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  1. Right now, I miss the old Chowhound where I could post as "anon. this time"!
    This post oficially destroys any credibility I have from 7 years on CH.
    I was forced to try (long story) my first Bubba 2 weeks ago and was stunned.
    I cooked them Sunday night for my wife and 9 year old daughter and they loved them too. My girls always complained that I made "monster burgers", and these are just their size.
    Ditto on the Vidalia onion version. I have more in my freezer now.
    The ONLY drawback is the price, a box of 6 is ten bucks (inc. tax - here in NC), about $ 1,67 per patty. I didn't pay attention to the weight but I know I don't pay 10 bucks for 2 lbs. 80/20 chuck.
    I won't quit cooking my own hand formed burgers but the Bubbas are a fast, easy and delicious alternative

    1. At my daughter's suggestion, I bought a box of Bubba Burgers -- the "unadulterated," 1/3 pound angus burgers. In a word -- BLEEEECH!!! They went from freezer to grill, as directed. But they were awful -- no substance, no flavor, no dripping fat to sizzle up and flavor the meat. Thank goodness I only bought a box of six.

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        I tried the Bubba burger's last night... I hated them I also found them to have little flavor............ never again

      2. guess it's just you and me, jessicheese!

        1. Not here either. I thought I might like the onion ones, but I too found them lacking.

          So now I just make my own.

          Ground chuck, salt and I add almost pureed onions. (Keeps the burgers moist)Don't make them too big and they are very good if I may say so. The onion really comes through. Had one tonight,