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Aug 6, 2007 11:29 AM

North Beach Restaurant

Just posting this for anyone who might search here wondering if they should go to the North Beach Restaurant. For the love of God, NO!

Late, late lunch. Starving family. Car was parked a few blocks away. Moose's turned out to be closed for a recording session. Walked around and, somehow, forgot about Rose Pistola. Unfortunately walked into the conveniently located North Beach Restaurant. The only nice thing I can say about the entire experience is that at least the bathroom was clean. The waiter was surly, the menu was dirty, my order was screwed up, the carpaccio was old, the pasta was overcooked, the sauce was bland...

I'm sure other commentors will agree and perhaps someone else will benefit from my mistake and go somewhere else. ANYWHERE else.

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  1. I had a bad experience there too a number of years ago. Step sister and new husband were coming through town on way back from Hawaii honeymoon. I made a reservation there (a week in advance). When we arrived, they sat us in the BASEMENT! We were the only diners down there- it smelled and sounded like kitchen and food was less than mediocre. Needless to say, never went back.

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      I KNEW if I posted this, that others would share their own horrible experience. For some reason, this place has really insulted me. It is a discredit to North Beach, to Italian food, to the entire city of San Francisco. But I digress...