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Aug 6, 2007 11:22 AM

Revolver Restaurant - Findlay, OH

The August 2007 edition of Bon Appetit featured restaurant recipes from across the country. The only restaurant listed in the entire state of Ohio is this new place in Findlay. While it's an hour drive from where we live, we might go if the recs are really outstanding. Anyone been? Any comments? Worth the drive, money? Thanks!

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  1. Here's their web site:

    It has a link to a review in the Wall Street Journal. I also hear of a very good Japanese restaurant in Findlay, but I don't know the name.

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      I believe you may be referring to Japan West, and it is very good.

    2. eons ago now i had a year-long internship in findlay via bgsu -- i've heard about this place and am kicking myself for driving right by on my recent trip home to ohio. i'd imagine it gets it's biz from bgsu/findlay college, maytag, cooper tires and marathon oil execs. looks sharp too:


      i like the look of that menu, looks worth the detour as they say in the michelin guides --

      maybe pick something to do in nw ohio (ie., toledo museum/zoo) and if you dont mind driving a bit you could combine a quick lunch at KEWPEE DINER in lima w/ a dinner at REVOLVER for sure. stay over close by in findlay or at the hampton inn in bg....or after dinner drive up to port clinton and stay there by lake erie.

      1. You may be interested in reading about how the proprietor came to open the restaurant, at

        There, you'll also find a link to reviews of Revolver by a blogger named Josh Woodward, at

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        1. Wow, Findlay has changed since I lived there. It was a huge deal when the Lebanese gyro place opened up in the 1990's. I think the local paper made a hige deal about how Findlay has become an international city.

          1. No disrepect to Japan West, a perfectly fine local restaurant, but Revolver is in a place far beyond that. It's homey and welcoming, but its menu is something more like Chicago or NYC.
            I love this restaurant. It's worth more than an hour's drive for me. I'd give you a menu overview, but part of their concept is that the menu changes with the season and what ingredients are best in season. Michael does an *amazing job* with just about everything. Even the amouche bouche is divine. I've never eaten anything I haven't liked there -- and I'm pretty picky.

            I wrote a full review for the local paper earlier this year

            Seriously, try this place out. There is no place like it in Ohio and your mouth will thank you.

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            1. re: Marusky

              Hey, what did the flood do to these restaurants? It looked like Main Street was devastated. Japan West must have gotten destroyed, along with all the restauirants on Main street.

              Just how bad was it? My parents lived behind the Meijers on Tiffin Avenues and my dad worked in the Headquarters building on Main and Main Cross, did those places get flooded?

              1. re: Phaedrus

                Revolver had some water but was up and running quickly after the flood water receeded. Japan West had only a foot of water (horizontally) come past their outer doors. No water entered the establishment, so they were only closed for the time that people could not get to them. The Gathering on E. Main Cross is still closed the last I drove by. I have heard conflicting reports on whether they will ever open again... and yes, HQ got nailed.

                1. re: Pizzahound

                  I was in Findlay on Dec 1 for another lovely dinner at Revolver. Each time seems to be better than the last. I drove by the Gathering and am happy to report that it has reopened. They will serve my next meal in Findlay.