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Aug 6, 2007 11:13 AM

Kosher in Brooklyn Fairway?

Would someone please report on the kosher shopping at Fairway, in Red Hook Brooklyn.
I'd love a review.

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  1. I don't know if I am able to give a real review but I think the kosher crowd appreciates the kosher bakery items, a pretty good selection of fresh cut kosher meat and poultry (meat cutting room with mashgiach temidi on premises). And lots of kosher specialty items you don't see elsewhere including many kosher cheeses imported from Europe (R. Schlesinger/Strasbourg/ hechsher) that you do not see in other places. And the usual execllent selection of good fruit and produce at fair prices. I was told that their organic farmed salmon is from Black Pearl, a kosher-certified facility in the ocean off the Orkland Islands.

    1. Just a friendly warning about their bakery. I have been buying some interesting pastries there every few weeks, since they've opened. The bakery always kept the kosher items on one side. Last week, I stopped by the "kosher side" of the bakery and starting choosing a few items. I was very lucky that the gentleman who was serving me noticed that I was probably a kosher-eating consumer and informed me that many of the items in that showcase were coming from an outside source, which wasn't kosher. These items were mixed in with the kosher items. Many customers, even those who buy there on a regular basis, may not have noticed this. Please be sure and check that the flag labeled with the hashgacha is located within the area of the items that you are planning to buy or ask just to make sure. I tried to reach the Rabbi a number of times to inform him of this problem but I am always told he isn't in or to call the Harlem store to reach him. I am hoping someone will be able to reach him and let him know.