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Aug 6, 2007 11:13 AM

Thanksgiving Caterer in Orlando

My family and I will be heading to Orlando for Thanksgiving this year. We will be staying in a a condo and would like to have Thanksgiving dinner catered. It will be a small group- around 10-15 people. The meal doesn't have to be fancy, just good!

Any suggestions?

If the catering doesn't work out, any suggestions for places that serve a great Thanksgiving dinner- restaurants, hotels, etc.

Thanks in advance!


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  1. Orlando is loaded with catering companies. I can't -- really won't -- recommend any one in particular, but I'm sure others can and will.

    Plenty of local restaurants could do this as well, but getting a server and the food delivered might be a staffing problem as they are slammed that day.

    Where are you staying? That could affect how desirable doing your dinner might be.


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    1. re: Bob Mervine

      Hi Bob,

      Thanks for the reply. We will be staying on International Drive in a vacation/time share. Any particular reason why you won't recommend a caterer? I am coming from Hawaii, so I really have no clue about the dining scene in Orlando- for Thanksgiving especially. Any recommendations, even great buffets, would help a lot.

      I did a couple of searches and the information provided for Thanksgiving meals is really dated.


      1. re: danagrace

        My experience in both business dealings and tasting the (real) finished catering product is fairly limited and the people I know and trust in the business aren't in it anymore. I don't want to throw out some names without being able to say, from experience, that they are good and fair and trustworthy when I cannot say those things first hand.

        There have been several threads on this board about holiday buffets including one recently that mentioned a holiday buffet Gaylord Palms put together last year. I'm currently researching what they plan to do for this season. Searching the board for "holiday buffet, orlando" a bit might be helpful.

        The clear cut "best holiday buffet" award would seem to go to the one at La Coquina at the Hyatt Grand Cypress. It's consistantly fantastic and they seem to outdo themselves every year.
        I've heard good things about the holiday buffet at the Ritz and at the Peabody,(an I-Drive property).

        I am intrigued by the thought oh having the meal catered at your villa. It would give you a lot of control over what you liked best as opposed to picking and tasting your way through a buffet -- a process I generally despise -- and at a pace that suits you. I suspect the per person cost of that, however, would go far beyond the $80 or so you'll pay at La Coquina.

        Finally, if you want to know more about the Orlando dining scene, this board is loaded with information about most every aspect of it. I find it to be, generally, underrated by most folks, who percieve it as a tourist-centric, over-priced mish mosh of chains and cotton candy not worthy of anything. If you look and ask and aren't intimidated by those prejuidices, there's plenty of good eats here.


    2. Dana

      I was just at an event this weekend and reminded that Cuisiners does a nice job with some inventive, yummy dishes.

      Publix (grocery store) does a holiday prepared meal, you order it ahead of time, pick it up and reheat it. Whole precooked turkey, sides, etc. My folks did that route a few years ago and were happy with things. Seems to be popular as there were a ton of people there. My folks have also tried the Honey Baked Ham prepared meal, you can skip that one. Over priced and not a whole turkey, a turkey "loaf" type thing.

      There is a meal prep place called "magical mealtime" in Dr. Phillips that might offer a holiday dinner. They can assemble for you and you pick it up, but you'd have to allow cooking time in your day. I've used them for normal meal prep and they are *great*.

      Finally, you might want to check out some of the areas personal chefs, who might have some package specials for the holidays. While they might charge an arm and a leg to cater it the day of, I bet they'd be reasonable for dropping off assembed or precooked holiday meals ahead of time.

      Best of luck! Lis

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      1. re: winechic

        Whole Foods also does a holiday prepared meal similar to the Publix one winechic mentioned above. I have never ordered it myself, but looked at the menu last year and it sounded nice. It sounded a notch or two above the one Publix offers. I think you had to place the order a week or so in advance and they did have the menu posted on their website last year.

        I also have to second the brunch suggestion at La Coquina that Bob mentioned above. It really is fantastic.

        Good luck!

        BTW--I justs looked at the whole foods website and they don't list their holiday menu's yet...if this is something you're interested in, try calling whole foods and see if they can help you out.