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Aug 6, 2007 11:11 AM

el charro tacos in suburban detroit

last week, i was on the road between appointments on the east side with no lunch plans. all of a sudden, it hit me. i drove right past el charro on harper - a small satellite location of the main restaurant on 14 mile road in fraser. i had to stop and have a soft shell taco - $3 for one and a small bowl of chips and salsa. it was fantastic. ground beef, lettuce, and cheese in a puffy, corn tortilla that is more chewy than crispy. add splash of their subtly hot but zesty salsa. maybe i am nostalgic because i grew up in fraser and have eaten there many, many times, but i love el charro's.

so are there any other great tacos in suburban (oakland/macomb counties) detroit? i know that there are many great, authentic places in mexican town in southwest detroit, but sometimes 30+ miles for a quick fix is not feasible. what are your favorites?

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