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Aug 6, 2007 11:11 AM

UES Ice cream

any recommmendations for ice cream on the UES. Haagen Daz closed (85th), ben and jerry's closed and I am not a cold stone or maggie moo fan???? Any other ideas

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  1. Pinkberry on 82nd and 2nd (Frozen yogurt), Bennochio's on York Ave and 75th, Emack & Bolio's on 1st Ave. You can check out this website too:

    1. I really like Emack and Bolio. Their Almond Joy icecream is delish! My husband recommends their Oreo ice cream.

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      1. re: tla719

        I second the almond joy. And the one where they mush in junior mints. MMMM.

      2. Another vote for Emack & Bolio.

        Otherwise gelato and sorbets from Ciao Bella (low 90s off Madison), St. Ambroeus (high 70s and Lex or Madison) and Payard (mid 70s and Lex).

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        1. re: Love to Eat

          Emack and Bolio and Ciao Bella are great. There's a small homemade shop in the 90s and York Ave, dont know the name, but they are reasonably tasty.

        2. I like the Sedutto on 1st Ave near 79th street.

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          1. re: lisette

            There's a new Sedutto on 87th and 1st too.