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Myrtle Beach, SC Where do we eat??

Hey guys, new to the boards but my mother apparently is a regular around here.

I am visiting Myrtle Beach, South Carolina from August 18th-25th. w/ my girlfriend.

We are in our mid 20's and just wondering if anyone knows any solid places to eat?

Steak/Burger Joints?

If anyone could reccomend anything, it would greatly appreciated!

Thank you much:)

Rob H

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  1. Surprisingly, you can get fantastic steaks (among the best I've ever eaten even including top-notch steakhouses like Chop's in Atlanta) is at Angelo's. Angelo's is a family-oriented Italian restaurant that has a pizza and pasta buffet. But, their steaks are amazing.

    1. I think you would enjoy Luigi's Trattoria, 503 61st Ave. North. Myrtle Beach, SC. This is true Italian no Greek twist to it like Rossi's. Rossi's is good, but Luigi's is the real deal. Food a good burger, bar try Oscars in North Myrtle Beach on 17 Business across from N. Myrtle Beach Harley if you can take massive amounts of cig. smoke. Nice folks, good bar, good happy hour 4-7 pm Mon. thru Sat. Hope this helps.

      1. Thank you both very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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          Benny Rappa's for Italian - on Hwy 17 in N. Myrtle Beach
          New specials every day

          Flamingo Grill on Hwy 17 Bus. in Myrtle Beach - great seafood including grilled items

        2. I recommend Bonefish Grill, Kings Hwy at about 71st ave north. Try the "bang bang shrimp" appetizer. Lots of good dinner choices.

          Umberto's at Barefoot Landing is another good choice. Bring an appetite. There, I recommend the veal shank.

          At Broadway at the Beach, Landry's is in my opinion one of the better of the chain restaurants, they specialize in seafood and I've had a couple of decent dishes there.

          Avoid the all you can eat Calabash seafood buffets. They all stink.

          1. The best food on the Grand Strand is definitely found in the South end - Murrells Inlet/Pawleys Island areas.

            American Southern Food/Seafood - Franks & Outback at Frank's (Dinner)- this the best food on the Beach - plus great atmosphere. If you eat Outback (I prefer Outback at Frank's. But the dining is outside. Depends on how hot it is I guess!)- ask for Walter. He's a great waiter and heee-larious!

            Louis's in the Hammock Shops. Great bar and good food.

            Italian - Pastaria. Get directions. It is hard to find. They make their noodles homemade and the pizza is awesome.

            Cheap Lunch - Prosser's BBQ buffet in Murrells Inlet. Great fried chicken and collard greens. Different cook for dinner - stay with lunch.

            Fried Seafood - Drunken Jack's

            Outdoor bar/apps in Murrells Inlet - Divine Fish House

            Sushi - Yamato at Broadway at the Beach
            or Sugami

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              All excellent suggestions.

              Want to add that Divine Fish House has the best sushi on the south end.

            2. Why has no one said anything about Peach's Corner? It's at 900 N. Ocean Blvd. across from what used to be the Pavilion. Burgers and fried catfish and corndogs and beer :D It's a landmark, well-loved and rightfully so.

              1. Just visited in April 2008. Lots of great food! We went to Carolina Roadhouse on Rt. 17 (everything is on 17!). Awesome steak. Also went to an italian place at Broadway at the Beach. Also went to Barefoot Landing. Don't go to Dicks Last Resort! Food is horrible and the "show" (how the waiters treat you) is very degrading. Teenagers love it, except the girls. They throw the placemats at you and yell the menu to you. The one door for the girls room is fake and they sit and laugh at all the girls/women who try to use it. It was an overall bad experience!! River City Cafe in Barefoot Landing was also great. Great burgers and peanuts - which you throw the shells on the floor. Real laid-back atmosphere! I love Myrtle Beach for all its amenities!

                1. I second the suggestions made by Laurie W. I also recommend Murrells Inlet area for the best seafood.

                  Good happy hour: Liberty Taproom - 1/2 price drinks and apps. - Kings Hwy. and 71st Street.

                  Burgers - River City Cafe -- there are several. Good onion rings as well.

                  Bars - If you've never been, Crocodile Rocks at Broadway at the Beach. (Note: After you've been a few times it gets old, but the first few times it is a lot of fun.)

                  Studebakers - Oldies

                  Beach Wagon - Country Music

                  Wild Wing Cafe - Barefoot Landing - Live music weekends (check their website)

                  House of Blues - $$$ concerts and also lots of free music - check their website

                  Ocean Annie's - Shore Drive - Live music 1:00 p.m. to midnight. Top 40, beach music. Crowd varies from 20's to 60's. Outside deck on the ocean.

                  Fat Harold's - Shag Music (crowd might be a little old for you.)

                  Club Kryptonite (crowd might be a little young for you -- unless you like foam parties)

                  Also: check the website www.funbeaches.com . It is run by locals and has all kinds of Myrtle Beach information.

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                    I've been a local since 1994, and have been in the restaurant industry for 35+ years. Wanna know where the locals go on the Grand Strand? Stay away from the chains, you've got them at home and the tourist traps, then experience some great lowcountry style food with a local flair.

                    Hint: Murrells Inlet is called "The Creek " by locals. If you are interested let me know.

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                      Oh yes, we're very interested. Whatcha' got?

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                        I am heading to NMB in early June....we love to hit spots that the locals love...please share :)

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                          Big Daddy Mike,

                          Your advice to avoid chains is good - but which local places do you recommend?

                          heading down 6/14
                          dr says to avoid chains

                      2. There is a place called Crab Catcher's in Little River, right next to where the casino boats leave. They serve excellent fried seafood (the shrimp is awesome!). They also have fried corn on the cob (not battered), which is surprisingly good! It is a bit of a hole in the wall, but they have outdoor seating and live music. It is a great place to sit back with a beer and eat some good food. It was recommended to me a couple of years ago and will not skip it anytime I'm in the MB area.

                        1. Broadway At The Beach...............Tripps was really good, Johnny Rockets, Across the street from Broadway is a really good seafood buffet restaurant Captain Georges
                          Other than Broadway New York Prime is excellent for a really great steak................but pricey. River City Cafe for burgers, The Bagel Factory really great deli for breakfast and lunch......................
                          Where NOT to go Spring House on Kings Hwy. what a bad experience! the food came cold and the eggs hard as a rock..........and the waitress dropped a very large glass of ice tea all over me and and the rest in my bag everything got wet and I was sticky and clothes all stained AND she never apologized or tried to clean up the mess she just left me and my family there to clean up her mess.............There are so many nice restaurants in MB do yourself a favor skip this one

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                            a lot of people like Tripps but I have never got a meal here that I thought was even decent. I have been three times...finally I just gave up.

                          2. Best Burgers are at a place called the Island Bar in Surfside Beach (corner of 17 and Glenns bay road). On Saturday, the burgers are $3 and after 7 all liquor is also $3(saturday only). They usually have a decent crowd and are open super late. A true locals spot. For steak I have to agree with Angelo's. For pizza, I love the Mellow Mushroom which is next to Broadway - they also have a crazy long beer list. For mexican, La Hacienda in socastee is fabulous and they have a happy hour every night where you basically get a bottle of tequila or a keg of beer for somewhere around $3. It all really depends on where you are staying - the good places are pretty spread out and driving around here in the summer sucks.

                            1. Can't go wrong with the steak at Carolina Roadhouse.

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                                Bar: Overtime Sports Cafe in north myrtle has great specials tons of tv's and pool tables.
                                Burger: River City cafe or Five Guys (it is a chain but they have damn good burgers)
                                Steak: Divine Prime is amazing but really expensive
                                My favorite place in myrtle is Miaybes Japenese Steakhouse. Go during happy hour and it is the best deal anywhere. For about 14 bucks you can get soup, salad, shrimp, chicken, steak, and rice.