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Aug 6, 2007 11:06 AM

Myrtle Beach, SC Where do we eat??

Hey guys, new to the boards but my mother apparently is a regular around here.

I am visiting Myrtle Beach, South Carolina from August 18th-25th. w/ my girlfriend.

We are in our mid 20's and just wondering if anyone knows any solid places to eat?

Steak/Burger Joints?

If anyone could reccomend anything, it would greatly appreciated!

Thank you much:)

Rob H

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  1. Surprisingly, you can get fantastic steaks (among the best I've ever eaten even including top-notch steakhouses like Chop's in Atlanta) is at Angelo's. Angelo's is a family-oriented Italian restaurant that has a pizza and pasta buffet. But, their steaks are amazing.

    1. I think you would enjoy Luigi's Trattoria, 503 61st Ave. North. Myrtle Beach, SC. This is true Italian no Greek twist to it like Rossi's. Rossi's is good, but Luigi's is the real deal. Food a good burger, bar try Oscars in North Myrtle Beach on 17 Business across from N. Myrtle Beach Harley if you can take massive amounts of cig. smoke. Nice folks, good bar, good happy hour 4-7 pm Mon. thru Sat. Hope this helps.

      1. Thank you both very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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          Benny Rappa's for Italian - on Hwy 17 in N. Myrtle Beach
          New specials every day

          Flamingo Grill on Hwy 17 Bus. in Myrtle Beach - great seafood including grilled items

        2. I recommend Bonefish Grill, Kings Hwy at about 71st ave north. Try the "bang bang shrimp" appetizer. Lots of good dinner choices.

          Umberto's at Barefoot Landing is another good choice. Bring an appetite. There, I recommend the veal shank.

          At Broadway at the Beach, Landry's is in my opinion one of the better of the chain restaurants, they specialize in seafood and I've had a couple of decent dishes there.

          Avoid the all you can eat Calabash seafood buffets. They all stink.

          1. The best food on the Grand Strand is definitely found in the South end - Murrells Inlet/Pawleys Island areas.

            American Southern Food/Seafood - Franks & Outback at Frank's (Dinner)- this the best food on the Beach - plus great atmosphere. If you eat Outback (I prefer Outback at Frank's. But the dining is outside. Depends on how hot it is I guess!)- ask for Walter. He's a great waiter and heee-larious!

            Louis's in the Hammock Shops. Great bar and good food.

            Italian - Pastaria. Get directions. It is hard to find. They make their noodles homemade and the pizza is awesome.

            Cheap Lunch - Prosser's BBQ buffet in Murrells Inlet. Great fried chicken and collard greens. Different cook for dinner - stay with lunch.

            Fried Seafood - Drunken Jack's

            Outdoor bar/apps in Murrells Inlet - Divine Fish House

            Sushi - Yamato at Broadway at the Beach
            or Sugami

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              All excellent suggestions.

              Want to add that Divine Fish House has the best sushi on the south end.