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Aug 6, 2007 11:05 AM

The Little Owl as a walk-in

Anyone ever tried Little Owl on a walk in basis? Tips for getting either a table or a spot at the bar, best times to go, how long the wait?. Thoughts welcome, thanks!

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  1. You probably just have to go before 7. They also take your cell phone and then call when your table is ready. At least you can go walk around and get a drink while you are waiting.

    1. we tried to do it for 4 this past saturday at 9pm, hows that for chutzpah?

      d'oh that didnt work, they said come back at 11pm ;) even busy, they were very nice about it tho.

      also, i think they have like one four top in there.

      it looked like even at that busy time, albeit summer, if you are one or two or even three (they have odd seating) you could do it. there was no line.

      we went to MARYS FISH CAMP instead, we were all sat at the bar and it was tasty as ever.

      1. My wife and I were walking by Little Owl late on a Sunday afternoon, just as they were opening for dinner. (around 5:30pm) We were quickly seated, and all of the tables were filled within minutes, so this would be your best shot.

        1. My wife and I went a couple of weeks ago on a Sat. night. Arrived around 9pm, was told about an hour wait. They took my cell phone # and we walked to Blue Ribon Bar and had the best Egg Shooters. Back to the Little Owl at 10pm and had the best Meatball Sliders. Great weekend!

          1. My advice--don't bother. The staff is nice enough I suppose, but a 40-minute mid-week wait at 9:30pm turned into 90 minutes before we sat down. The sliders were pretty good (not transcendently flavorful, but tender). The pasta I ordered, however, was WAY too salty. My girlfriend's fish was overcooked (not inedible, but still--for the price and the wait, its should have been better). The service was irratic and slow, but friendly. The space is cramped and acoustically challenging. If you must go, I say reservation or risk frustration.

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              Don't forget, it's on Open Table now ... that's the way to go, methinks.

                1. re: Kanger

                  Has anybody actually had success in getting a Little Owl table on OpenTable? I've only seen one, once, for something like a Tuesday at 5:30pm.

                  I just tried and they were booked solid until September 15th! I'll stick to going there for brunch, thanks.