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Tours of Mercado de la Merced - DF

I am wondering if any tours of the mercado exist. I would really like to check it out, but I will be with a few travel partners who might get a little scared there and I'd prefer to have an English-speaking guide if possible.

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    1. Mari, go to my profile and send me an email. I have just the person for you! You will ADORE her and her tours. She lives in Mexico City, is most accomodating, and knows the Merced backwards and forwards. And she's a 100% bilingual native Spanish-speaker.

      Link: http://www.mexicocooks.typepad.com

      1. hi,
        I would love to visit the merced with you. i live in mexico city & have visited there many times. I am from NYC & toying with the idea of launching some small culinary strolls of d.f. including markets, cantinas, & off the beaten track neighborhoods.
        La Merced is an incredible sight. Right now I am also into some markets on the edge of the city that have an interesting urban/rural character.

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          Yeah... take Mari's travel partners to La Lagunilla =)

        2. I would also suggest you go to the Mercado Jamaica (at the metro stop of the same name). It is the wholesale flower market and is incredible, and the food and vegetable part is also good, very traditional. There are stalls serving huaraches and tepache.

          1. There will be a tour of the Merced this Saturday, August 11th (in Spanish). See this website: they do tours of markets and offer cooking classes, although I've never taken them.

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              These guys are good... true leaders in the Anthropological-Culinary school that has helped elevate grassroots regional & indigenous Mexican cuisine to the haute status it deserves.

            2. Wow - this is great info from all of you. I'll do some research on all these options.

              1. You should go to www.labombilla.com.mx They give guided tours of La Merced and other markets, mexican gastronomy classes, etc. Very nice people, great chefs.

                1. I contacted a few of the tour guides below and none of them replied to me (La Bombilla did not e-mail me back and neither did another contact). Alas, I met nychinlanga near our hotel last week and had a wonderful tour of the mercado.

                  We took the metro together and visited many stalls, include a mole maker who makes mole in San Juan de Atocpan. San Juan is apparently the town that makes most of the mole that is consumed in the D.F. There's a Feria Nacional de Mole held in the fall every year. I purchased pepian and the specialty mole in powder form. Other than the mole, we purchased gunabanas, mamey, tamarindo paste, jamaica and honey. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and we felt very welcome in the market. We had to resist the stands since it was our second day and didn't want to deal with stomach issues.

                  Thanks again to nychilanga for guiding us through the market and giving us hints on special local items.