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Aug 6, 2007 10:50 AM

Does Denny's do any business at all?

The only 1 I know of by me is in Avenel, NJ. (About 45 minutes away.) I think the last time I was there it was 1980 somthing, and back then the place was DEAD. Whenver I drive by at busy times..i.e. 12 - 2 p.m. or 6 - 8 p.m. There are hardly any cars in the lot. Maybe Denny's is big in other states? Just drove by it this morning and had me wondering!!!

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  1. most denny's seem to busy for breakfast and for late nite, after the bar scene, at least here in CA...personally my motto has always been "always open, always gross"

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      A lot of places really don't have many choices of the 24-hour category outside of chains. In my area, Denny's is usually packed at from around 2a.m. through early morning because there aren't many other choices.

    2. When I'm traveling for work outside of urban areas, I'll often hit up a Denny's for breakfast or for a late dinner if I have to work late and don't want to be stuck in my hotel room with room service.

      Usually, they're convenient, efficient with the service (read: fast) and generally passable for sustenance.

      1. Try late at night. The drunker you are, the better those Moons Over My Hammy taste. As they say "All bad nights end at Denny's."

        1. A friend reports she was just in Canada at Niagra Falls and took her family to Denny's for an inexpensive meal. The Grand Slam breakfast was priced over at $15.

          So they are probably not too busy in Canada, eh?

          1. I'm thinking its a reliable / consistent / no b.s. place to eat when going on road trips/travelling on the road...and a good meeting spot/bar after hours spot in smaller towns where they don't have many venues.

            thank god i'm in LA - pho / tofu soup / carne asada / etc. for after hours grub makes for a much more interesting experience.

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              ditto...the only time I went to Denny's was when I was forced to go after partying with the gang all nite long. I much rather go to other 24 hour places like Shorehouse Cafe, El Gallo Giro and the such...sooooo much better.

              1. re: justagthing

                You don't have to expand too far outside of LA -- I used to live in Thousand Oaks and Denny's would be the only thing serving food past 10pm!

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                My step-father loves Denny's (he's not too picky about food), he goes there every time he takes a road trip. Low prices, passable food, ubiquitous and always open, what's not to like?