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Aug 6, 2007 10:47 AM

Outdoor dining in NYC?

Hey hounds -

I am looking for a restaurant with a back garden/ outdoor dining option that can seat large-ish parties (10-15 people) for dinner. Hopefully some place with a good after dinner scene?

Any suggestions? Please help :)

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  1. Not a "good after dinner scene", but I like the back patio at Da Nico's, and also one at "Home", though I think the one at Home might be too small for your group...IL Cortile, has a lovely "indoor" garden that would work for you...IMO, the food is quite delicious at all three places...

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      Check out Revel in the Meatpacking District... It has a great outdoor space...

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        Thanks so much - this is very helpful!

        1. re: Nix2579

          Dumont in Williamsburg has a very nice outdoor space and the food is good. For a more low budget scene,Moustache on 10th st bet. Ave A&1, middle eastern food, nice and big patio, nice scallion and leek pizza, lebanese beer...

          1. re: jacques gaudet

            Check out La Fontana near 72nd & Columbus. A charming outdoor in the back garden and an eclectic menu.

            For a more expensive place but still within fair for NY is Vice Versa around 51st in the theater district with a small garden for dining.

    2. go to 'La Bottega' at the maritime hotel (meat packing district). very shareable italian food (tagliatelle w ragu bolognese stands out, and the pizza's as well as free dinner rolls are solid). nice lanterns. good sized outdoor space. you can continue drinking outside after dinner, visit the bustling indoor bar, or go upstairs and have cocktails at the trendy outdoor cabanas.

      1. Do consider La Fortuna near 72nd & Columbus with their charming outdoor garden in the back and a menu that won't break the bank.
        For something a bit pricier, the beautiful ourdoor garden of Vice Versa at around 51st in the theater district should fit the bill.

        1. Gnocco Cafe on 10th Street between A and B has a very nice backyard garden. The food and prices are good as well and the staff is always gracious.