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Aug 6, 2007 10:42 AM

Lunch near the US Mint

Where to have fun lunch near the US Mint or in Old City?

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  1. Continental at 3rs and Market

    1. Race Street Tavern on the corner of 2nd and Race just a short walk from the Mint. Wonderful sandwiches and salads and no tourists ever go there.

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      1. re: OlderPhiladelphian

        I second (third) the Race Street Cafe. One of my favorites.

      2. I just had a great meal at Konak which is a Turkish restaurant. We had Hummous (warm and topped with a pastrami sausage....really good even though it sounds bizarre), calamari, falafel platter appetizer and as entrees we all got various lamb dishes. All really excellent. They have a full bar area where you can eat or you can sit in the main dining room.

        I also second Race Street Cafe if you are into something more "American" but good.

        1. GiGi is very close to the US Mint, about halfway between 4th and 3rd, on Market St. Good, interesting sandwiches and small plates. And the best 'fun lunch' part--refreshing Mojitos with rock candy cocktail stirrers.