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Aug 6, 2007 10:31 AM

Where to get Chiles en Nogada, and Taq. Puebla ?

I am going to Chicago over Labor Day weekend for 3 days. I would really like to have some Chiles en Nogada if possible, as I have just returned from Puebla and really enjoyed them there. Any ideas?

We are staying at the Westin on Michigan Ave. How far is that from Taqueria Puebla and how would I get there? I'd like to have some more tacos arabe also.

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  1. Chiles en nogada are definitely a seasonal thing, but the season starts in September so you might be in luck. I would try calling Mundial Cocina Mestiza in Pilsen when you are here, because they did have this dish on their menu last fall.

    Taqueria Puebla (which recently changed its name to Cemitas Puebla) is pretty far west, out on North Ave. To get there by public transportation, I guess you could take the Red Line subway from the Chicago and State St. stop near your hotel up to the North/Clybourn stop, then take a North Avenue bus (#72?) west for about 30 blocks.

    Do a search for the CTA trip planner to help you figure out the timing.

    Mundial Cocina Mestiza
    1640 W 18th St, Chicago, IL 60608

    Cemitas Puebla
    3619 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

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      Thank you. That's a nice map feature on the Mundail Cocina page, and I see Chiles en Nogada on the menu. It takes about 45 min. on the El to get there according to the mapping feature. I think I will try that. It sounds like too much work to get to Cemitas Puebla, taking the bus after the El, considering we are only there for a weekend.