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Aug 6, 2007 10:31 AM


I had Grom for the first time this weekend. For once, there was no line! I had the cinnamon and my husband had the tiramisu. Both were good/very good. But given the reviews I've read, I thought I would have had an out of body experience. No such luck. I'm glad I tried it, but I don't feel the need to do it again.

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  1. i walked by three times.. I dont think I was able to even see inside the place.. Lines were crazy long..

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    1. re: Daniel76

      larte del gelato???? on chelsea? are you kidding? the flavors can not be more artificial!!! their product always leaves a trace of plastic after taste in your mouth.
      and they are even more expensive than Grom, did you know that the owner originally called it "Jimmy gelato" and after realizing the kind of customers he was delaing with , he changed the name to larte del gelato?, that is a super flipfloper.
      il laboratorio is much better product.

        1. re: tla719

          Then why was L'Arte Del Gelato filled with customers last night (meanwhile Cones was empty). I disagree. Try it for yourself.

    2. Grom is as you describe, good to very good. Not great. Definately not an outer body experience, especially factoring in the lines and price. I recommend trying L'Arte Del Gelato very good, hassle free, less expensive gelato

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      1. re: Ora

        Thanks! We'll give it a try!

      2. i think we're all breaking out in violent agreement. i don't think that good to very good merits the lines or the prices. il laboratorio is so vastly superior, and can offer an extraordinary experience, but it has inconvenient opening hours.

        1. I agree, i just got back from italy, and this place can't even compete
          what is up with that
          can't stand it when they get my expectations so high

          1. We tried four flavors at Grom the other day for our first visit. Their gelato has a strange rubbery texture and tastes as though it is straight from the carton at the grocery store. We tried Cones a few months ago for the first time. Their product is extremely ordinary. Da Enzo Ristorante was our favorite gelato in town until they closed due to a rent increase. Hopefully Enzo will open something soon. It is Il Laboratorio and sometimes Otto for our gelato for now.