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Where to get good steak tartare?

After watching iron chef on tv last night featuring battle ground beef, now have an urge to go have some really good steak tartare. Any Toronto suggestions? Either butcher shop or restaurant is fine.

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  1. La Palette often has an exellent Steak Tartare. Very spicy.

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      Thuet had it on the lunch menu last time I was there, awsome!

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        Frankly, Steak Tartare scares me. It didn't used to - when I was a child, and my mother made hamburgers, I always had a little of the raw beef, and in France learned to eat it with an egg and some pepper mixed it. But now, with all the stuff about Mad Cow Disease and what is in the food fed to animals, . . . .

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          I'm C-R-A-Z-Y about steak tartare :0

          I guess at some point you have to trust that places that serve it trust their suppliers.

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            I am 98% sure cooking beef does not decrease the risk of mad cow. Enjoy the tartare!

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              Just for the record, cooking DOES NOT prevent BSE from being transmitted to humans, so one is no more likely to get Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease from raw than cooked beef. The risks are identical. There are other risks however.

      2. Auberge de Pommier makes a great one but I think they have closed for a renovation. Bistro 990 also made it...but haven't been in about 3 years so best to call and see if they are still making it.

        1. I believe Diedier always has steak tartare on his menu.


          1. When I passed by Citizen (Queen and Broadview) recently, I saw it on the menu. I don't know whether they do it everyday or not.

            To address ekammin's concern about BSE ("mad cow disease") and tartare... BSE is caused by a protein, not a virus or bacterium (or a bacterium-produced toxin). It's the 'shape' of the protein that makes it dangerous, and normal cooking temperatures will not 'denature' it (i.e., change the shape of the protein), so having tartare or a well-done steak are equally risky - unless you're cooking your steak in a laboratory's steam autoclave for 20 minutes. My suggestion: order the steak tartare, a nice glass of Burgundy or Dole, and enjoy life.

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              Thanks for the tip, but Dole? At the price of Swiss wine at the LCBO? Maybe a nice Barolo . . .

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                We don't often see Dole, but it's less than a good Burgundy, around $20-25 when last I bought some.

            2. Not that I'm a tartare expert, but Weezie's at King & Power has a lovely version on their daily menu for a reasonable price.

              1. I really like the steak tartare served at the beerbistro - - www.beerbistro.com

                Beer Bistro
                18 King St. E, Toronto, ON M5C 1C4, CA

                1. I had the best steak tartare at Savoy couple years ago when Deron Engbers was the chef. The combination of the texture of the tenderloin & savory spices is just divine. Now he opens Mirabelle. I would think Mirabelle has the best one.

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                    Deron is now at Eggplant (King St. East) I don't remember seeing steak tartare on the menu, but the dishes I did have were very good. I agree with Googs, the tartare at Weezie's is quite nice.

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                      I looooove the steak tartare at Mirabelle, although I haven't had it there since Deron Engbers left so I'm not sure if it's still the same. I agree with ace123 - his seasoning makes the dish.

                      I had the steak tartare at Bymark last week and thoroughly enjoyed it (although not quite as much zing as Mirabelle's and more than 3X the price!). Comes served with a herb salad, warm toasts and frites with aioli. It doesn't look like a big meal when it arrives, but it wasn't very filling and I couldn't eat it all.

                    2. We had an amazing bison tartare recently at Chez Victor in Hotel St-Germain. It was out-of-this-world, plated to look like a piece of toast, with a breaded-and-fried, oozing-centred round egg on top (I'd love to know how they managed that!), served with dressed greens and a dollop of creme fraiche.

                      Pure heaven!

                      1. if you're willing to step out of the box a little, Batifole offeres a great cheval (horse) tartare.

                        1. A martini and steak tartare at the bar at Bymark is one of my fav summer suppers

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                            Now that sounds very civilized orangewasabi. Great idea!!

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                              I like Steak Tartare at both Auberge du Pommier and Bistro 990. Had as an entree with Frites at both places and they were terrific. Don't know if Auberge has re-opened as yet, best to check.