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Aug 6, 2007 09:44 AM

What is a "must try" food in Venezuela?


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  1. Well, there are many, but you should try the following:

    - Arepas (reina pepiada is very popular), cachapas and tequenos for either breakfast, lunch or a lite dinner.

    - Pabellon Criollo: is a typical Venezuelan food which consists on shredded beef served with rice, black beans and sweet plantains

    - For desserts try a tres leches, quesillo or arroz con leche.

    - If you like coffe (black and strong), please have as many as you can since Venezuelan coffe is excellent.

    - Also, their cheeses such as queso telita, guayanes, de mano are fresh and excellent.

    Which city are you visiting?

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    1. re: jkatz23

      Caracas for a few days (near the airport) and then to Barquisimeto for 3-4 days....any recommendations as what to try (local specialty) or a food that I could bring back?

      1. re: Pollo

        I agree with all of jkatz23's recommendations, but don't forget to try some empanadas.
        In Caracas if you are out late night, go to one of the cafes in the Mercedes and make sure you have a cachapa with the queso telita. Amazing.
        There are also lots of panaderia/pastelerias and the pan de jamon and baked items are always good.