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Aug 6, 2007 09:32 AM

Eternal Fried Chicken Quest

I am sure this is asked often - but things change - including the best fried chicken joints - so where might one currently find the best in Manhattan (and also Queens), folks?

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  1. Ever have fried chicken from a James Beard award winner? Try "Dirty Bird" , its about as good as it gets.

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    1. re: iknowwhatitmeans

      No way! Tiny & few pieces, hardly any good spices but just salt & pepper, and pricey.

      1. re: pinkylechat

        Agree - don't waste your time or your money. It's not "bad" but it's way too oily, very little flavor and small pieces. 4 miniscule pieces is about $10. I get that it doesn't use genetically enhanced super-breasted chickens like KFC does, for example, that give you huge white meat pieces, but still. Not worth a trip at all - frankly the Popeye's down the street on 14th is much much better.

      2. re: iknowwhatitmeans

        it was tasty but WAY overpriced for those tiny portions.

      3. Don't go to Queens looking for great chicken at UFC.

        1. If you ask this on the Outer Boros board, you might get to hear about Pies and Thighs. Downtown Manhattan, Birdies on First Avenue; uptown, any branch of Manna's.

          1. Consensus on this site has been (1) Charles' Kitchen, Harlem; (2) Birdie's, LES, (3) Mama's and last (yeah, only 4 viable options in all Manhattan!) (4) Popeye's (!). And also a lot of negatives for Dirty Bird.

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            1. re: addictedtolunch

              i liked the chicken at charles' but it was by no means spectacular. that place is mainly worth going to for the sides at the buffet. the journey there can also be pretty "real", haha.

            2. Let me strongly suggest Jacques-Imo's on the Upper West Side. Not as good as the New Orleans location by a long shot, but better than Popeye's.

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              1. re: Michael Ambrosio

                I second Jacques-Imo's and raise you Big Daddy's Diner (believe it or not).

                1. re: guttergourmet

                  ya that place (big daddy's) has some pretty outrageous food, and dirt cheap for the volume. don't get the greek platter tho (sucks); and watch out for the trio of sliders, they're practically 3 regular hamburgers and served atop a pound of tater tots. scary.

                  1. re: bigjeff

                    But their fried chicken is really good.