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Aug 6, 2007 08:36 AM

Please help me choose 'three square' in LV!

I am visiting LV for the first time at the end of September - will be there four nights with my boyfriend and his 20 year old daughter & her 24 yr old boyfirend will join us for two of them. I am a foodie, but the others aren't - so the compromise is I will plan one breakfast, one lunch and one dinner - the rest we'll leave up to chance! Nothing toooo gastromical or astronomical (price wise)! Sooooo - if you could pick one restaurant for each meal in LV where would you dine? Italian, 'American', steak and seafood are all safe bets. Happy with either the Ratpack or Glitzy Vegas experiences, as long as the food is good. We are staying at the Signature MGM Grand (which I believe is S. Strip) and would like to keep to the Strip if possible. We have a full kitchen so any tips on eat at home treats would be good too (e.g. picking up pastries at Bouchon for breakfast and happy hour nibbles to enjoy in our suite ...). Thanks!!!

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  1. Hokay - I did do some resarch here, but I would still appreciate some feedback that is specific to my original post (given the older/younger ages and foodie/non-foodie needs)...
    - Burger Bar - sounds like our must do for lunch?
    - Delmonico - for dinner - is this non-stuffy enough to please the younger set? Is the seafood good as well as the steak?
    - Postrio - is this too casual for dinner? Other Italian options for dinner?
    - Mon Ami Gabi - I like the idea of being able to enjoy the fountains at dinner - is this a good dinner spot or better for lunch?
    - I like the French bakery route for take out breakfast options, how about an eat-in option - something more old Las Vegas (greasy spoon?) vs. upscale?

    Thanks very much!!

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      We were just there. Our best meal was probably Rosemary's. I highly recommend it as will many on the board. It is off the strip. We actually rented a car one day and planned that meal around that.
      We love Mon Ami Gabi. Good for either lunch or dinner.
      We LOVED our breakfast at Hash House a go go. Could not even eat half of it. Again off the strip. We took a cab there and actually took the bus back which was unusual.
      Burger Bar we wanted to get to and did not make it.


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        I know I'm the minority onthis board, but I'd skip Burger Bar & hit up Strip Burger instead...

        I posted a review about it a few weeks back.

        Also, Bouchon has always been great for us for either Breakfast Or Dinner.


      2. Inside the MGM itself is 'Wichcraft where you can pick up sandwiches or other goodies to take back to your suite. A good lunch place also inside the MGM is the Wolfgang Puck Bar and Grill - we've eaten there many times. It's not my first choice for lunch if given all the restaurants in Vegas, but it'll be convenient to where you're staying, and should satisfy everyone, in your party. Both Lenotre at Paris, and Jean-Philippe Patisserie at Bellagio, are good choices to pick up pastries to take back to your suite, if you can make it back there before eating them. Jean-Philippe also has yummy gelato. My first choice for "American" dinner would be Rosemary's but that's quite a ways off strip. On the strip I would recommend FIX at Bellagio, although it's mighty loud. Our favorite steakhouse is N9NE at the Palms, the daughter and her bf would probably like the hip vibe, and the food is good enough. At the MGM itself, we like Fiamma (Italian) and Nobhill (American). Emeril's is also a possibility. You should go onto the MGM website and take a look at the sample menus.

        1. Delmonicos is very hushed, white linen table cloths, high end experience. Maybe too stuffy for the kids. I thought the food was quite awful there and the prices outrageous too, even for Vegas.

          Postrio isn't casual at all, but isn't stuffy either. Food is good, not fabulous, but good.

          Mon Ami Gabi is a great spot with a great view. High end but very good.

          Have fun. I'm headed there next week on biz and my son is coming from LA to meet me for a few days at the end of the week. We'll hit Mesa Grill, The Palm, Bouchon and Joel Robuchon L'Atelier.

          1. i am going this weekend. we're doing jean-phillippe for sure, burger bar for lunch, rao's & mix for dinner. while mix might be too $$$$ for dinner the youngings in your group will really enjoy the lounge for a drink @ mix.

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              Mix is a great spot. We're actually holding an event there next week and have taken the whole lounge.

            2. Thanks for your replies so far!! I think Burger Bar will be a sure thing for our group. I like the sound of Mix and will check out their menu. We want to do one 'let's not worry about the price' dinner (well, I want to do lots of them, but I'm outnumbered!) so if it looks fabulous maybe that will be it. Or maybe dinner at Mon Ami Gabi and then a show (comedy) and then drinks after at Mix. Really not looking to veer off the strip on this trip - otherwise Rosemary's would be at the top of the list.

              Any other ideas for breakfast? Or how about a good honest steak place? I thought I saw mention of a place that is a throwback to the Ratpack days - naugahyde booths (banquettes maybe?), dim lights and velvet curtains...ring any bells?

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                  Just returned from 5 days in Vegas, stayed at MGM Grand in a Terrace Suite. We ate at Wolfgang Pucks twice for lunch and enjoyed it very much. Had a lovely meal at Fiamma's - great kind of upscale itallian fare. (The grilled octopus appetizer has completely spoiled me for any other octopus!!) Had an average meal at Emeril's. All of these are in the MGM.

                  I definitely recommend Peppermill's for breakfast. It's old Vegas - pink neon and huge booths. The food is well prepared but a warning - the servings are huge even for Vegas. (10 egg omellettes. Seriously.) The fruit plate is huge and beautiful - order it for the table to munch on. The waitresses are great. Excellent bloody mary's for a liquid brekkie.

                  My friends ate at the steakhouse at Luxor and raved about it - and we're from Alberta the home of fabulous beef. They said they has wonderful service and a top notch meal.

                  Mon Ami Gabi is one of my favourites. Lovely view when seated outside, and I've enjoyed every dish I've ordered there - amazing artichoke appetizer, lovely lobster bisque, and one of the nicest plates of monkfish ever. Good bread too. I've had lunch and late dinners there.

                2. re: kireland

                  Try Hash House a-Go Go on Sahara for breakfast, it's a couple of blocks off the Strip, but outstanding breakfast dishes the size of your head. Lots of them are done as meat/potato/egg scrambles. Decor is nice and fresh from a recent remodel.
                  Definitely a destination place, on name value alone

                  1. re: kireland

                    Try the is definitely a throwback and a true Vegas experience.
                    They have some wonderful entertainment in the Bar! T
                    ry the Mussels Fra's sinful!