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5 Stars near Liberty and West Streets?

Going to be in town on business next week and I have one free night. Are there any recommended 4-5 star places nearby? I'm staying at the Marriott on 85 West Street and attending meetings at 225 W. Liberty. I know I can cab it elsewhere but would prefer to stay close to the hotel if there's great food nearby. TIA

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  1. I think Roy's has good food - never been there myself though...

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      Roy's is ok, Tribeca and the west village are a short cab ride away since you're on the west side highway anyway.

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        There really is not anything of that caliber in the financial district. As the last poster indicated it is a very quick trip to Tribeca where you are sure to find something to meet your wishes - especially from a hotel on the west side highway, we are talking less than ten minutes. I am a walker at heart and have even walked from that part of town up to Tribeca - it is doable. Any cuisine preferred?

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        I haven't been to Roy's in a long time. It was good. I agree with posters below, head to TriBeCa.

      3. There are no starred restaurants in that area. Roy's is good for seafood, but otherwise, it's rather a "barren wasteland," in terms of really special dining. Go North to Tribeca, and you'll find the wonderful and famous Chanterelle, as well as Thalassa, Tribeca Grill, City Hall, and other notable places to dine.

        1. I am surprised that no one has mentioned Bouley! It is in Tribeca and IMO better than Chanterelle. It also has a more casual dining area upstairs, called, Upstairs at Bouley (duh). Bouley is probably the best option close to the Marriott that you are staying.

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            I was going to say Bouley! But technically, it is Tribeca. But, as I said before, definitely walkable. Especially since it is in the southern part of Tribeca.

          2. Thanks for the suggestions so far. I really am not too familiar with Manhattan so don't really know which neighborhood is where. I'll research the restos already mentioned here but have to ask - if I cast my net a bit wider which is the closest 5-star resto by cab? Money is no object, since I rarely get to NYC and thus want to treat myself. I'm open to cuisine. I just want to experience true heaven on a plate in NYC!

            1. Danube, City Hall, or Fresh

              1. Nobu is in tribeca as well, if you're looking for sushi. Not a big fan of Roy's. Definitely cab it up to either Tribeca or the W. Village - there's nothing of the caliber you're looking for in that area, although there are some nice places to eat (Delmonico's, Harry's Cafe, a variety of places along Front Street in the Seaport). Also a big fan of the Bridge Cafe, just north of the Seaport, which is only a 15 min walk or so from where you're staying.

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                  There are alot of new restaurants near Front Street, none are 5 star caliber (Bridge and MJ are the higher end restaurants). Okay if you want to walk and go casual one night. Do a search of this site there have been alot of recent posts on the area. Since you only have one free night I'd suggest Nobu (if you like sushi). One of their tasting menus might be the way to go.

                2. I would tell you that it doesnt get much better then Bouley.