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Aug 6, 2007 08:13 AM

Recommendations in Irvington or Tarrytown for rehearsal dinner

We're getting married at Castle on the Hudson in May and would like to find an affordable place for the rehearsal dinner relatively close. There will be about 40 of us and we would like to spend no more than $50 a person. Although under 50 would be preferred. So far we have River City Grille as an option. Any other suggestions?

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  1. The first one that comes to my mind is Il Sorriso in Irvington. I think you can come in at around $50.00 a head there and also I know they have a private wine cellar room there but not sure how many it fits. Good Luck

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    1. re: GIOny

      Thank you. I had this place on my list so now I will definitely check it out.

      1. re: jackieparis

        Does anyone have any other suggestions.

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          I had my bridal shower at Il Sorriso and it was wonderful. We used the back room, which can be closed off from the main dining area. It has a pretty view of the river and very good food and atmosphere. We had about 40 people or so and it was perfect.

          When we were looking for rehearsal dinner spaces we also checked out Harvest on the Hudson, but their private room is upstairs and doesn't have windows. I didn't like it. At the time, they only did private parties during the week. We also checked out Blue Hill at Stone Barns, which beautiful but expensive. It was funny how many places would not hold private parties on a Saturday night.

          We hunted around the Tarrytown/Irvington area a lot for our rehearsal dinner (our wedding was at Tappan Hill), but it was hard to find a place with a private room, and our invite list was too large for Il Sorriso. We wound up having the dinner at Angelina's in Tuckahoe, which was closer to the church and had a large private room downstairs.

          1. re: artichokeheart

            Thank you so much for the recommendation. We will definitely check out Il Sorriso.

            1. re: jackieparis

              Il Sorriso cannot book private parties on Saturday night. Our wedding is on a Sunday of a holiday weekend. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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                Have you tried "One", it's in Irvington...down where Solera use to be. I don't know if it's your price range but maybe you could work something out. Here is a chow post on it.....
                or what about Sunset Cove or Striped Bass in Tarrytown??

                1. re: GIOny

                  One is way too expensive. We would like to keep it at $50 per person. Is Sunset Cove good? What about Striped Bass?

                  1. re: jackieparis

                    I went to Striped Bass recently and was NOT impressed.

    2. Would you consider ethnic food? If so, try Santa Fe on Main St. in Tarrytown. If memory serves, I believe they do have a separate room that runs parallel to the main dining room. Certainly a little fiesta would get everyone in the mood for a celebration, no?

      My husband enjoys the cactus fajitas, and I think their salsa (homemade) is great. They also have a nice range of vegetarian entrees.

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      1. re: theatmosphere

        Does Santa Fe have a nice atmosphere and a private room? I can't believe how difficult it is to find a space.

        1. re: jackieparis

          Well, it has a fun, colorful atmosphere. Not a hole in the wall. I am not 100% sure about the private room, but a quick call would let you know. Good luck!

          1. re: theatmosphere

            Great I will call and check. Any recs that others have would be appreciated too. Thanks!

            1. re: jackieparis

              What about Red Hat in Irvington. Not a private room, but I think there is a back area you could use? Unfortunately there's not so many restaurants in either town that fit your requirements. Maybe go to White Plains? Sams of Gedney Way is where my rehearsal dinner was. Private room downstairs...

              1. re: tarrytown hound

                I really like the The Red Hat Bistro but not sure if it is big enough. Call 914-591-8888, it can't hurt to ask.. I would also call the Sunset Cove (you can't beat the views) 914-366-7889. Another place with great views and would be plenty big enough is Blu in Hastings (I know it's a little further south then you requested). Does not have the greatest entrance to a restaurant but once your up there (there are stairs involved, don't know if that's an issue for anyone) it's very nice and I think they could do it in your price range. Blu - 914-478-4481.

                1. re: GIOny

                  Thanks for the info. I am looking into Red Hat now. I will also consider Blu.

                  1. re: GIOny

                    I saw the reference to Blu and had to respond. I went to Blu last weekend for the first time (fairly new to the area and didn't realize it would be so difficult to get a table at Buffet de la Gare, Red Hat OR Harvest on Hudson w/out reservations) so we were thrilled when Blu could seat us. It was bar none the absolute worst meal either of us have had in years. The waiter raved about a rather bizarre sounding special: a pork chop over arugula and bouillabaisse; since it sounded unusual and the waiter was so effusive, my friend decided to get that, while I had a filet mignon. When the food came out, his pork chop was over mashed potatoes and asparagus. We called the waiter over to ask what happened to the special, he whisked it away then came back and said it turned out that wasn't a special for the evening, he was confused, but that kitchen was going to prepare it. So my steak went back as well. About 15 minutes later came out the "special" which was a bone dry and flavorless chop over an overcooked and tasteless bouillabaisse (no arugula) and the interesting combination of pork and seafood was revolting. It was barely edible but my friend was so hungry by that point that he managed half. Meanwhile my steak, which was $34 and one of the smallest filets I've ever been served, was now cooked to well done. It too was over asparagus, which was boiled (boiled??) and limp. They clearly threw my dish under some lights and let it sit the 15 minutes. Almost masochistically, we ordered dessert - a brownie - that we split. We were told it was homemade that morning but it was clearly pre-packaged and along the lines of something a child might make: Susie's First Brownie. The bill was $172, with a $60 bottle of wine. Utter robbery.

                    Sorry to go on so long but I'd hate to see someone's rehearsal dinner ruined, and if the same crew is on then as are now it almost certainly would be. We should have been tipped off by the fact they could seat us when the others couldn't, and by the table next to us that was arguing with the waiter as we sat down.


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          1. re: yeshana

            Half of the group is from the Westchester area and half of the group is from the midwest. Keep in mind that we will have our older relatives like grandparents along too. I'd definitely be up for interesting options.

            1. re: jackieparis

              I just did a 40th birthday for my wife at Striped Bass on the water in Tarrytown. It is not the finest restaurant in Westchester... BUT: it has a good private room upstairs, with a wonderful BIG view of the marina and a great sunset. Honestly, $50 a head is not a lot in this area, so it will be hard to do much better. You can put together a good menu there, the food is pretty good, the banquet manager was a pleasure to work with, and the staff took very, very good care of my guests. A good experience for us. It will hold your 40 people.

              Also, the suggestion of Santa Fe was good, too. Decent food, in your price range, and they do have a back room that is pleasant, and I think it will hold 40... not sure. You should check out both these places.

              Again, at $50 a head, it is difficult. Honestly, the fun/informal atmosphere -- and fabulous view -- at Striped Bass will make for a good event and a good memory.

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            1. Mimosa in Dobbs Ferry (on Main St.) might work & it's only a five minute drive from Irvington

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                We actually booked the rehearsal dinner at a neighborhood Italian spot in Yonkers--La Lanterna. We can eat outside and the dishes are good. The prices are great too.