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Aug 6, 2007 08:11 AM

Looking for (Americanized) small plates?

We're going to be in town just for a day, and have a lot on our plate (ha) Anyways, we're looking for a lite dinner fare, similar to tapas, but more Americanized and not so much Moroacan/Mexican...We have a few non-daring appetites in the bunch...any thoughts? We're staying in Midtown, but aren't too concerned w/ the location.

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  1. I think that Alta on 10th street between 5th and 6th Ave fits the bill. Check out the menu online. Though definitely Spanish influenced, it has certainly been Americanized. Also, the room is beautiful.

    1. The Stanton Social. Make sure to try the "sliders" (mini hamburgers).

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        True, I forgot about that one. Forget what I said :)

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          Don't forget it! Alta sounds like exactly what you're looking for if you want a really good small-plates meal and cocktails/wine in a warm and welcoming setting. Search the board and you'll find posts. If you want more of a happening scene, though, Stanton Social will do the trick, though it's definitely chaotic, as noted below...

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            Thanks so much for all the fun suggestions - I called Stanton Social, and they said they have limited food selection between 3-5pm, has anyone been during this time - how limited is the food selections? Thanks...

      2. Agree with LeahBaila on Stanton Social which serves more Americanized small plates. The place is very "energetic" but it can also be chaotic and extremely loud during busy hours.

        You can also find more sophiscated small plates options in Midtown:
        The Bar Room at the Modern (MoMA)
        Maze at the London Hotel

        1. I would go to the Tasting Room..

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            Or l'atelier de robuchon.. I havent been to the one in New York but the one in Vegas is crazy good.