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Aug 6, 2007 08:08 AM

Sea Catch for RW

I know there are a couple of RW threads going around, but I was afraid my post would get lost in them. I made reservations at Sea Catch for tomorrow night. I'm not really hearing anything about it, though. Does anyone have any opinions of it?

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  1. Actually, I have reservations for weds night. There are those who say it is a restaurant for tourists while others say the food is quite good. I figured I would find out for myself!

    1. I am eating there on Friday. Please let us know how it was.

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      1. re: dbound

        Unfortunately, I found out my dining partner doesn't like seafood. (Something I probably should have questioned before making the reservations - but who doesn't like seafood??!!??) So - I moved the reservation to Poste for tonight. rHairing, please let us know how Sea Catch is on Weds. Thanks!

        1. re: LaceyB522

          Get the Pommes Frites at Poste! They are amazing.

      2. Sea Catch is reliable and always serves a decent meal. But it is crowded with tourists [including many children], noisy, the food is uninspired, and served in steak house portions. Anything you order, appetizer, entree, desert, arrives in a portion easily feeding two. There is nothing bad about the food, it just isn't interesting. Service is fine but perfunctory. Walk one block to Hook !

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        1. re: Dakota Guy

          Interesting what you say about it being noisy and stuff. Because I always though it was suppose to be some romantic spot in Georgetown. At least thats how their website paints the place. I've never been though...I just thought it was a date spot type of place. Guess not unless you are into noisy children. lol

          1. re: Dakota Guy

            I have been a very frequent patron of SC for the past 10 years, but will admit I have not been there in the past 12 month. I can easily understand your criticism that the food is "unispired." I do think, however, that the seafood has always been perfectly fresh, never overcooked, and best when served a plainly as possible. Their shellfish and lobsters are outstanding. Prior to Hook, Hanks, and a few others, it was always an excellent response to the question "who has great seafood in DC?", as I have found McCormickSchmick, Legal Seafood, et al to be completely unedible and Oceanaire quite unappealing.

            But I have never found it noisy or full of kids. (Caveat -- I do not eat out during Restaurant Week, so maybe that is different) Do you sit in the back room, or at the cafe tables in the front? The back room is very nicely appointed, with well sized tables. The banquette is a little tight, but less so than a bistro. All of the tablewear is of high quality (linens, silver, stemwear, etc.). The staff is perfectly mannered.

            I know they are under new management (not new owners). Has a lot changed recently?

            1. re: Pappy

              No, Pappy, I disagree with the use of a word with negative connotations like "uninspired" to describe the perfectly fresh, well-prepared seafood at Seacatch. Some of us enjoy simple classic preparations of seafood and consider what's served at some local restaurants to be tricked-up, trendy abominations. Not everyone can cook simple, elegant good seafood. Not everyone likes that either. That's just differences in taste. Recognize that and don't slam what others like if it's well done.
              I've never found SC full of tourists and kids. On the contrary, other than for its terrific location on the C&O Canal, it's the kind of place most tourists wouldn't be drawn to. Too quiet and classy. As pappy says, well- mannered staff, a place that does it right. If you want trendy, that's easy to find - follow the crowds.

              1. re: MakingSense

                Hey, hey, hey. It's DG's word, not mine! Beat him up, not me.

                1. re: Pappy

                  He wasn't beating you up, Pappy, he was answering your question "has a lot changed recently?".

                2. re: MakingSense

                  I disagree with the use of the phrase "tricked up, trendy abominations." I did not say that the food at SC was bad. I said it was well-prepared, huge portions, of uninspired, ho-hum preparations. And so it is.

                  Try Hook, Black Salt or, best yet, Le Bernardin in New York, to taste truly awe-inspiring seafood. Even little Hank's Oyster Bar is far better than Sea Catch. All cook simple, elegant seafood. Sea Catch does not.

                  And yes, Sea Catch is exactly the kind of place that tourists are drawn to -- by the busload. Your response sounds as though you work there; why so defensive? We each have own opinions. No one is "right" or "wrong."

                  1. re: Dakota Guy

                    You certainly have do have your own opinions, DG, and as, as you say, there are no rights and wrongs.
                    Many agree with you that Hook, Black Salt and certainly the revered Le Bernardin are excellent seafood restaurants. You might find less agreement that Hank's is "elegant." But it is all opinion.
                    It is possibly quesionable however to relegate Seacatch to the tourbus category after your single visit last Saturday when this does not seem to be the ordinary clientele that many of us have observed. As you said, you hadn't been there for some time so this could well have been a one-shot deal.
                    It is obvious that SC is not the type of place that appeals to you. What you call "uninspired, ho-hum" food is what many others consider simple and elegant. The seafood is always impeccably fresh and beautifully prepared. It might be boring to you but very pleasing to others. Isn't is possible to simply recognize that SC isn't to your taste rather than use derogatory language to criticize it?
                    I don't work at any restaurant nor do any members of my family and I have no restaurants as clients. I simply dislike seeing any small business unfairly mentioned in a public forum on the basis on one visit, especially if the issue is simply personal preference.
                    If SC becomes the new Philips however, there's a problem...

                3. re: Pappy

                  Having not been there for sometime, we ate there last Saturday night. We sat in one of the back rooms. It was full of sweaty toursits in shorts with one table of ten people (six were under the age of 5). Certainly not the"romantic" restaurant that Elyssa read about. The tourists seemed to be coming in busloads. Sea Catch is the Georgetown equivalent of the Maine Avenue restaurants [which I am old enough to remember when they were once great places to eat].

                  Yes, the service is fine if perfunctory, the linens and silverware are good quality--all as you say. And the food is well prepared but completely ho-hum. I agree with you about M&S, LS, and Oceanaire--all chain restaurants whose emphasis is on turnover; I never go to any of them [ok, once but that was enough]. Why go to any of these places when one can go to Hook, Black Salt, or a few other places that serve great seafood at the same price point?

                  1. re: Dakota Guy

                    You answered my question. Thanks. I've had many different experiences. I've even been when most of the gentlemen had ties on. Perhaps a combination of "not what it once was" and the August tourist rush.

                    We're still on for our Le Paradou bet, right?

                    1. re: Pappy

                      I have eaten at SC once a nice family meal with my parents and brother. Not touristy at all, if I remember correctly (it was last summer). I agree with the assertion that simply prepared seafood is many times the best way to enjoy the natural taste and texture of the meat. Sea Catch seemed to accomplish this very nicely.

                      In any case, I am eating there on Friday and will report about the experience, ambiance, and food. Since a Friday Night during RW should be the height of the "touristy" time, I will report back with the worst case scenario.

                      1. re: Pappy

                        Absolutely. I haven't fogotten ! :-)

                4. Just have to chime in...Sea Catch was probably my worst RW experience. Only three choices for each course...that wouldn't have been a problem if the choices were interesting. The food wasn't even good enough for me to remember what I had. In my experience, SC is one of those places that just doesn't seem to try too hard during RW. Based on that experience, I wouldn't go back.