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Aug 6, 2007 07:48 AM

Summer Shack Lobster Roll

I've been craving a good lobster roll for weeks and had thought to take the T out to Belle Isle since I've not tried that one yet, but laziness got the better of me. I was in Back Bay and thinking about hitting up the Oak Bar. Their lobster roll was really great the last time I had it (last year) - it's on a buttered/toasted hot dog roll (a brioche roll maybe) and they serve it with a bit of greens and dressed with mignonette (I add mayo). I decided to grab one of the crappy free magazines, in this case, Stuff@Nite, and they had a lobster roll run down which gave the Summer Shack roll a decent review. For $20 and a 5 min. walk away, I went for it and was not disappointed.

The lobster salad is well dressed with mayo, and cucumber rather than celery (I really liked this - the flavor complimented the lobster, but wasn't as overpowering as celery can be). The salad was also seasoned with some fresh tarragon. I'm not always a big fan of tarragon, but it was pretty subtle and gave some really some nice flavor, without overpowering. I did add just a bit more salt to the lobster salad. The lobster meat was a nice blend of tail, claw and knuckle meat (plenty of knuckle meat, which is my favorite). The roll is longer than the standard hot dog roll, buttered and grilled perfectly. A little bit of lettuce in the bottom. At first, it doesn't look like a lot of lobster meat because of the larger size of the roll, but it really was just right. Choice of fries, potato salad or cole slaw. Went with the slaw and really enjoyed it.

All in all, a pretty good value for $20 and I find the flavor to be far better than the B&G lobster rolls I had last summer. I know I'll probably get flamed for that last comment, but there you have it, I think the B&G roll is overrated. Summer Shack gets shredded pretty good on the board, but I think it often delivers on the simple things pretty well. I would definitely go back for this lobster roll, though I haven't had a Kelly's trip yet this season and there's Belle Isle and Rachel's Kitchen, etc. to try.

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  1. I'll have to try this lobster roll. I had a lovely lobster roll at the Ropewalk in Nantucket a few weekends ago and loved it for the cucumber it had!

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        That is very funny as several of us at the table really enjoyed the lobster roll at the Ropewalk. I also had a lobster roll at Summer House in Sconset which was more expensive but I didn't like it as much and it certainly didn't have as generous a portion of lobster as the one at Ropewalk.

    1. That sounds a lot better than the Summer Shack roll I had last year. More expensive, too, so possibly that has something to do with it--maybe they're putting more effort into it.

      I'm always up for the RI Calamari at the Shack.

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      1. re: Alcachofa

        My go-to meal at the Shack is the Rhode Island calamari appetizer and the salad with blue cheese [can't remember the name they give.] It is actually a really nice meal.

      2. Met up with a friend at the Alewife outpost of SS and decide to go with the lobster roll since I recalled this favorable review. I was skeptical but it was really good. I really liked the cucumber and was relieved that it wasn't too heavily dressed. It's a pretty decent size too, foot-long hot dog roll. Roll was nice and lightly buttered and grilled. Fries were also very good, piping hot and crisp. I'm not a huge Shack fan so it's nice to have found a menu item that I really like (beyond the $54 2lb lobster). Jasper was there flitting about making sure diners were enjoying. This time around the Shack delivered.