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Aug 6, 2007 07:26 AM

Green Mountain Coffee: large selection

I'm looking for Green Mountain Coffee. My local supermarket carries 2 "Newman's Own" blends. What I need is a larger selection - a store that carries at least a good 10-15 of the flavors. Does D'Agostinos still carry it? (My local one went under a few months ago, but I'd not been there in ages.) Does anyone know of anywhere else where they carry a large selection? Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn preferred, but I'm not too picky. :)

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  1. in brooklyn, right on smith street, there is a new organic market (very small, like a bodega) at bergen i think. they have brewed green mountain coffee all the time, but they also have a decent (not ten to fifteen though) selection of beans.

    1. D'Agostinos does sell some Green Mountain varieties, but the largest selection I have seen in Manahattan was at Westerly Natural Market on 54th and 8th.