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Aug 6, 2007 07:19 AM

Bartley's, Dogwood

Had Fri. off so met a couple friends at Bartley's for lunch. There was just enough room for us when we got there, cleared out shortly after around 1:45. Those prices have crept up, most burgers are >$8. My Mitt Romney (hated ordering that) was I think $9.15 w/ swiss cheese and grilled onions. An excellent burger, one of the best I've had in a while. Cooked medium (and didn't take nearly as long as last time I ordered the same thing) with that nice crunchy coating. A mess to eat but that was okay. Onion rings didn't seem as good as usual, not crispy enough. A regular cheeseburger was good as was the fish sandwich the other person got. I ended up with a mocha frappe which hit the spot too.

After getting yet another bat out of my place on Sat., I took my helper out to brunch at the Dogwood by Forest Hills. He hadn't had eggs in ages and enjoyed the breakfast burrito. I got a scramble w/ red peppers, onions and breakfast sausage. Not too much sausage, not cooked as much as I would have liked, but it was fine. The side of potatoes was a little different, little wedges with a good crisp coating. Nothing to write home about but it was cool in there and it was fine for $7 and $9. Hung out in AC a little more at Cafe Ula down the street where I enjoyed the iced coffee and oatmeal cherry cookie. The place was quite jumping. I was told by a Canto 6 worker not to talk about the U word, but it's defiitely a great space.

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  1. Bartley's prices have crept up, but sill they're pretty competitive with other top-burger places. I prefer fewer rather than more toppings, so always get the "cheeseburger deluxe" (no toppings other than cheese), which, at $9.50, including both fries and rings, is a relatively decent deal.

    1. THanks for the report.....Glad to see that Dogwood is still doing well. BTW, I had a bat in my place too, on Thurs night/Fri a.m! First time..YIKES! Must be the weather.....

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      1. re: Science Chick

        Ugh, I just talked to "Dennis the Mennis" to come back and see what's up. This is my 4th, maybe 5th time dealing with this during the last 3 summers. Nothing like coming home at 1:30AM, 90 degrees and seeing that thing flying around. I ended up at my office, ha ha.

        As far as the Dogwood goes, their paninis sounded good. I've never had them before so that might be next on the agenda. I don't go there often enough.

        And while Bartley's is around the same price as most other restaurants, there's just something about the place in general that makes it seem like it should be a better deal than $9 something. In my mind at least.

      2. I just had the People's Republic of Cambridge burger at Bartley's and it was the best burger I've had in a long time. Perfectly cooked, lots of juice. Delish!