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Aug 6, 2007 07:17 AM

Southern Californian Visiting Columbus, Ohio

Hi. I am from Southern California, and I will be visiting Columbus, Ohio (for the first time) for about 4 days. Would like to ask for your suggestions for good places to eat.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I live in Cleveland but every so often I'm in Columbus. I haven't tried too many places in Columbus, much to my discern, but my favorite is Spagio in Grandview Heights. It's about 5-10 minutes west of downtown. Grandview Heights is a nice area. Spagio is an upscale pizza place, serving great gourmet pizza's, as well as pastas, sandwiches, and salads. The inside of the restaurant is very artsy, with many pieces of art being showcased. Enjoy your trip, Columbus is very nice.

    1295 Grandview Ave, Columbus, OH 43212

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    1. re: calover123

      I checked out the website for this place, and it looks interesting. Thanks.

    2. Hi and welcome to Columbus! Any particular cuisines or price ranges?

      Offhand I'd say most of the restaurants you will find in the Short North neighborhood (on High Street just to the north of "downtown" but still in the city) have great food. One of my personal faves is Basi Italia for dinner. I like Northstar Cafe for casual breakfast or lunch. Further north on High Street is Alana's who specializes in the freshest local organic products (think 100-mile diet).

      Thurman Cafe in German Village for a great burger, or G. Michael for a broader variety for dinner. There's also Dragonfly NV for a tremendous vegetarian meal.

      The list goes on....

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      1. re: HungryLetsEat

        In terms of cuisine, something that we don't get much here in LA. That is, I would prefer the places to NOT be mexican, chinese, vietnamese.... I guess German food will be a good start for me.

        As for the recommendations you have provided, I have already put them down on my list. If I don't get to try them out on this trip, I will eventually try them out some other time since I am planning on moving there in less than a year.

        Thanks. And if you think of other places to add, please keep on adding! :-)

        1. re: kajtf

          There's a local chain called City Barbeque that would probably fit that bill. Very good, usually not too expensive.

          Also, since you're going to be very close to the North Market, I definently recommend going in there for lunch one day. Just walk around and get a little bit of everything, but save room for Jeni's Ice Cream.

          Also, you might be interested in the Starliner Diner, up in Hilliard. It's cuban-american with a lot of neat twists. Kinda kitchsy, but tasty.

          1. re: BZArcher

            Wow, Starliner Diner will definitely be on my must-go-to list for this visit! I visited their website, and it looks really different and interesting! Thanks!!!

      2. One of the best chefs in the world has a restaurant in Columbus - Handke's Cuisine If we know where you are staying this trip and where you might go we can provide other suggestions - Columbus is big enough to have almost anything you want and small enough to find it!

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        1. re: TMWeddlle

          Hi! We are staying at the Crowne Plaza Hotel downtown. However, we wouldn't mind driving anywhere for food.

          Thanks for this suggestion, and please keep it coming!

          1. re: kajtf

            There is a great place for lunch/dinner within walking distance of the Crowne Plaza. It's called the Flatiron, has Southern/New Orleans influences, isn't too expensive and their food is good. I really like the BBQ brisket sandwich. They are maybe a 5 min walk east of the Crowne Plaza.

            Absolutely check out the North Market as you are so close. You are also very close to the Short North arts area. You can find many different types of restos there from great hamburgers (Mac's), little bites (The Burgundy Room), to super expensive haute dining (Rosendale's). The Rossi is a bar/tavern that has good food.

            1. re: Diane in Bexley

              Thanks Diane! Flatiron caught my interest! I decided to have lunch there on the day that we arrive.