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Aug 6, 2007 07:14 AM

Vegetarian Options in Annapolis

We are taking guests out to dinner next week and they are both vegetarians (ovo-lacto). The other four guests are meat eaters. We have not yet met them (they are the parents of a young man we are sponsoring at the Naval Academy). We'd like a nice restaurant but want to make sure they have some options. Suggestions?

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  1. Sorry for the veg ignorance, but can they eat seafood? If so I highly recommend O'Learys. Upscale casual, with excellent crab and fish. And always a couple of good options for carnivores.

    Warning -- some of the sides (like their potato hash) sometimes have bacon in them, but they'll gladly substitute.

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      Try Osteria 177. They have a number of veggie options and it is a nice place right downtown.

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        No - they do not eat any animal flesh, only eggs and dairy.

      2. Galway Bay has some wonderful entree salads, I think their menu is online. I would think Osteria might have veg option. Also what about Wild Orchid Cafe? They seem like the kind of place that would do that. And if you called them I am sure they could arrange it with no fuss.

        1. Try the Wild Orchid Cafe. It's not near the Academy (Eastport), and it's fabulous. It's in a small home and serves great food. You definitely want to make reservations. Everything I've had there is great.

          Try the crème brule -- they have a chocolate and a regular vanilla one. Fantastic.

          Wild Orchid Cafe
          200 Westgate Circle, Annapolis, MD 21401