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Aug 6, 2007 06:52 AM

Recs for Bricklane

Whenever I'm in town I want to head down to Bricklane. But it can be so hit and miss. Does anyone have any good recs for the area?

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  1. Go to Tayyab's for Pakistani grill action. If you don't want a long wait in the queue go early.It's BYO (no charge). Here's Dos Hermanos' take.

    New Tayyabs
    89 Fieldgate St, Poplar, Greater London E1 1, GB

    1. I used to work 1/2 a block from The Redchurch Bar/Cafe. They made this sublime roasted manchego w orange puree sandwich. And their breakfasts were sublime. Also, my fiance and i had our first date at that grotty place in Truman brewery; their grilled hallumi and aubergine sandwiches are scrumptious.

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        The Redchurch doesn't do food anymore. It's a shame, because their food used to be really good.
        I quite like Mai'da, the new place that has opened up in Bethnal Green Road. Delicious curries and grilled meats, much better than the average Brick Lane curry. I think they have a pretty strict no booze policy though - you're not allowed to BYO.

      2. If you don't mind the walk from Brick Lane, go to Tayyabs. Go to the south end of Brick Lane. Make a left onto Whitechapel. The rest, you'll have to Google.

        1. I live in this part of London and grew up there and have done a little research. Firstly though, I would like to agree with people that have recommended the Tayyabs to which I would add The Lahore Kebab House in Umberton Street.

          So back to Brick Lane. Eliminate those restaurants that have aggressive touts outside them. Eliminate places that are devoid of any Asian diners and start from there. My current favourite is called The Raj and also has a large neon sign proclaiming 'The Best Chef'. Travelling north from the Whitechapel end, turn right into Hanbury Street and its the first place on the right after the Preem.

          Give it a try.

          Don't forget that London has many vibrant Asian communities outside of the centre, Southall, East Ham, Ilford and others. This evening, I have a sensational meal at Mobeen in Green Street, East Ham costing less than £12 for two.

          1. I know so many people say you can get better curries other places than brick lane, but I actually like going for the atmosphere - the touts, loud crowds and byob is simply quite fun I think. In terms of a recommendation, I tend to go to the place that has massive murals on the walls (for the life of me, I can't remember what it's called) - but its quite large, on a corner, and in decent weather they open up the floor to ceiling windows. Great food, fun times.