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Aug 6, 2007 06:50 AM

Surf & Turf Combo's.

Ok, strange subject but here goes; Usually a topic is best steak house experience. The usual suspects appear: Morton's, R Chis, Harry & Sam's, S&W, Palm, Prime Rib, Ray's, CP, or CG, Shula's, etc Then best sea food house, resulting in any order Oceanair, Sea Catch, Blacks, Black Ice, Legal Sea Food, or M&S, etc.

Most steak and seafood shops offer a surf & turf - beef / Fish / shrimp / scallop & or crab combo offering. I also guess considering the influx of cultural differences, some places substitute lamb or chicken in place of beef, I have no idea. But is you think chow able add them to the list. Chow is all about exploring.

What are the best spots in the DC area to experience the classic surf & turf among the local offerings. Steak & Seafood.

This may be a two answer response zone, Quality at no cost vs value for the money.
There are on going opinions in the steak world between the value of Ray's vs Palm, Cap Grill, Charlie Palmer, or Prime Rib environments, The chow is great IMHO in all of em. And I assume the same is said of seafood places. So don't hold back.

So that is what I mean by value. Metro accessible is an option, but not a biggie. Just looking for tasty great chow experience in the local DC area.


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  1. i have to go with Charlie Palmers Filet Mignon and Butter Braised Lobster, cant beat it!

    1. Off topic a bit...but whenever the subject of Surf n'Turf comes up I am reminded of
      Norm on the sitcom CHEERS who always went to the HUNGRY HEIFER for the $.99
      all you can yet Surf and Turf..

      .it was fish sticks with mushroom gravy

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      1. re: Hue

        Ha, ha, ha. I tried Legal Seafood's offering today. Beef Filet/shrimp/scallops. Great!
        I will see how it goes the rest of Restaurant Week here in DC.
        So much to sample in the few days.
        So I will revisit the Surf ^ Turf (Upscale Versions only) next week.
        But just for you I will promise to try your Cheers suggestion out on a neighbor.
        And hopefully they will laugh too.