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Aug 6, 2007 06:49 AM

Farmers Market near Newport Beach?

I need a farmers market near Newport Beach -- does anyone know of one?

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  1. Sure, there's one in the OC Fairgrounds off the 55. Google "certified farmers markets in California" and you'll get a full list. I know the Irvine Farmers Market by the University is one of the best and largest around, not too far away. You might also look at Wholesome Foods in Irvine and the greatest produce place on 17th Street near Newport Boulevard.

    1. The Saturday market (8-noon) at UCI is practically in Newport Beach... I'm there weekly and it's fantastic -- definitely equal to or better than all LA-based farmers markets except the Big Three (SM Wed and Sat, Hollywood Sun).

      It's on Campus and Bridge, behind the In-N-Out. Parking is off of Bridge and Stanford, or park by Trader Joe's and walk through (and stop and get a croissant and a Vietnamese coffee at Le Diplomate on the way by).

      1. Have you been to Grower's Direct? It's not so much a Farmer's Market as it is a produce market with a great selection. Some of the stuff (not all) is locally grown.

        Here are some pics:

        1. Seems like we're all on the same track. That must tell you something.

          1. there is a great farmer's market saturday mornings at PCH/Marguerite in Corona del Mar. hours are 8 or 9 til noon or so.