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Aug 6, 2007 05:55 AM

Looking for a great diner - Northern Blvd, Queens

We'd appreciate a recommendation for a good/great diner preferably on Northern Blvd., Queens not too far from Shea Stadium. We have tickets for an upcoming Mets game and would prefer to eat before gametime. Thanks in advance.

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  1. great diners? err, i can't think of any "great" ones in eastern queens. sure, there are average/decent ones, if you want:

    blue bay diner, francis lewis blvd and service road of LIE West. a little pricier than average diner, but decent and fairly busy at all times.

    palace diner, main st and service road of LIE West - close to Shea. but avoid the desserts, we got a rotten slice one, disgusting. breakfast is ok.

    kane's diner, college point blvd - the closest to Shea, but also very gritty and subpar, imo. they won time out's best diner award once, i have no idea why. i think b/c of its grittiness and it's cheap.

    on northern, the closest i can think of is north shore diner, corner of northern and francis lewis blvd, but that's pretty much bayside. the others (palace and kane) are much closer.

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      although I haven't eaten at the diner, someone in my office catered in food from the diner on northern and francis lewis. there were quite a number of greek dishes, and they were good enough for me to ask where they were purchased. if i were in that neighborhood, i would happily give that diner a try.

      1. re: mshpook

        You don't say which direction you're coming from, but the suggestions above work if you are coming from East to West. If you're coming from West to East, they're a bit out of the way for you, and unfortunately the pickings West of Shea are slim (if it's diner food you must have.) There's the Mark Twain Diner on Northern just a bit East of the BQE, but it's so-so (Though in truth I've only had breakfast there.)

        I guess it would be helpful to know if you're coming from the East or the West.

          1. re: remudaman

            Going east to west along Northern Blvd. you'd pass Scobee Grill, on Northern and Little Neck Parkway. (Right hand, or northern, side.) It's been a while since I ate there, but have on a number of occasions, and it was always good. And, its claim to fame is that the family of George Tenet (of CIA infamy) used to own it.

            Once past Douglaston Parkway, before the Cross Island, there is another diner, which has quite good food, but is expensive (name escapes me, but it is on left hand side, just past the Car Wash).

            Above mshpook stated, "there were quite a number of greek dishes..." heck, aren't all diners owned by Greeks? <chuckle>