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Aug 6, 2007 05:19 AM

new(ish) japanese at 54th street and 2nd avenue

has anyone been to it? its name starts with ishi.

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  1. Umm.... where is it, exactly? Are you thinking of Ichimura, on 2nd ave, a few doors up from the coner (east side)?

    I live in that neighborhood, and Ichimura is the only newish japanese place I'm aware of. Frank Bruni did a short review of it a week or three ago, and it was favorable. I've never been there but I can say two things about it. I often see a sign on the door that says "Sorry, we have no more tables available tonight." And also that based on the menu posted outside, it's quite expensive. I think the chirashi don is something like $35, sushi/sashimi platter around $45, etc.

    Heard good things, but I haven't been there yet.