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Aug 6, 2007 05:10 AM

A few Chatham notes

Finally stopped by Marion's pies on Rt. 28 after driving by SO many times. Got the 7 layer bar...heavenly! Also a small cherry pie....crust is top notch, flakey and just enough salt. Filling has nice whole tart cherries. Slightly too sweet for my taste, but EVERYTHING is. Stumbled upon Nantucket smoked fish and gourmet food, also on Rt 28, closer to town. WOW! The owner, Peter, is brimming with joy and energy, and had us sampling many of their offerings. A Norweigan style smoked salmon melted in our mouths. A Bluefish pate was perfectly seasoned with awesome smoked bluefish as the base. Finally, we were blown away by a black cod ceviche! They carry an impressive array of organically prepared foods from a variety of countries. This place is GREAT!
Finally, we had our first visit to the Impudent Oyster. Arriving 6:30 without a reservation we opted for the bar, rather than wait. We were warmly greeted and had the house Cote de Rhone, which did not disappoint. Split the Butternut bisque, a Caesar salad and the oven roasted swordfish. The soup was sweet and rich...loved it. Also loved the swordfish....soft and flavorful with a mustard/breadcrumb searing. Served with great baby arugula/dried tomates. The salad left a little to be desired...standard Romaine (bagged?).

All in all, a great Chow day!!

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  1. i too was at the "Impudent Oyster" recently July 2nd i think, I had "Haddock Hideki" which was outstanding. The coating on the fried haddock was very light, and had a slight infusion of wasabi which realy played off of the fresh haddock, the Asian slaw which the haddock was served on was excellent also.. They also served a ginger dipping sause which was light and snappy... I go to Chatham fairly often but dont often go out to eat, the "Oyster" could easily turn into one of my favs! Marions Pie Shoppe is also an old Chatham favorite, i'll second your opinion on the pies and pastries!