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Aug 6, 2007 05:08 AM

Can you freeze cooked potatoes?

I have some left-over rosemary-garlic potatoes & wonder if I can freeze them? Do you freeze well or do they loose texture? If freezable, what's the best way to reheat them to retain/restore crispness & flavor?
Thanks for advice/input.

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  1. i have frozen cooked potatoes a number of times, but mostly becasue I am one of those people that hates to throw out leftovers. But truthfully, they don't reaheat well. They lose a lot in texture. They become grainy. I have never done this, but perhaps if you cooked them up in some hot oil in a pan, that may help.

    1. I wouldn't freeze them, but if you do, a potato onion omelet or frittata would be more forgiving than as a straight side dish. I have used cold roasted potatoes in both of those with very successful results. Should keep in fridge for 3-5 days.

      1. It changes the texture too much. I would not do it.

        1. as others have said it affects the texture of the potatoes and they tend to taste meh when reheated. i've reluctantly frozen some potatoes before to avoid wasting them-- some highly flavored preparations can taste okay-sorta. in vegetable soup for example, the potatoes may be cut small enough that you won't notice too much. i wouldn't freeze them if you can help it all, but some people don't mind/are used to grainy potatoes.

          1. Mash the potatoes before you freeze them, perhaps with a little added fat-of-your-choice.

            I do this with my leftover potatoes from big family meals, as I too cannot stand the waste. Yes, the texture will be grainier, but if you have a nice mash and can make a nice highly-flavored croquette with a crispy outside, you won't notice the graininess so much. I usually mix some fresh herbs into the defrosted mash before making the croquettes, then egg-wash and bread them.

            If you do mash-and-freeze, please then also defrost-and-drain. Frozen potatoes will give off a lot of water that you just want to get rid of before doing a fried dish like croquettes.

            I wouldn't freeze cooked potatoes without mashing them first; comments on texture in other posts up the thread.