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Aug 6, 2007 05:04 AM

Cherry Hill Area Italian???

When visiting family in and around Cherry Hill I find the food is the worst. Italian seems to please everyone, but my experiance is that they must all share the same kitchen...super-sized portions and over use of red sauce is the norm.

Any ideas for places preparing fresher tasting Italian food???

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  1. Can you tell me which places you have been so far? There is Italian everywhere in CH, you are correct.

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    1. re: mschow

      Just had dinner this past weekend at Barone's Tuscano??? It is next to Barnacale Ben's. Sorry, but I don't remember the others.

      1. re: savoryhash

        I like Anthony's in Haddon Hts: BYOB:
        Tutti Toscani for very casual Italian; also BYOB

        Another place I like is Collins House in Merchantville; about 5 minutes from the Cherry Hill Mall:
        (sorry the website doesn't have the dinner menu on line right now) Collins is continental food and there is something for everyone there. Also, they do offer Italian dishes. Call and ask if they will read you their menu if it isn't online when you click. I think you'll like it. Excellent calamari and zucchini fritti, btw.
        How about Melange, they serve southern food, if you're looking for something a bit different. Also, BYOB:

        1. re: mschow

          Thanks for Anthony's and Tutti Toscani. As for Collins House and Cafe Melange, though I haven't been, I have given my parents gift certificates for those based on info I found on the web...thanks again!

    2. have you tried bistro di marino in collingswood? food's pretty good, fresh, good service. (skip the dessert, it is terrible)

      1. Have you tried La Posata in (I think; it's near the Marlton 8 Cinema and the Whole Foods Market in Marlton) Mount Laurel? It's my favorite around as far as good flavors.

        Disclaimer: I'm a vegetarian, so I can't speak for the meat. My Mr. likes it, but I've never met anything he actually said he didn't like, so he's not picky. I can only vouch for the non-meat options. And I never see it mentioned anywhere, so maybe it has a bad rap. But it always has a decent crowd (it's my go-to takeout when I want something nicer than pizza-joint takeout). it's a BYO.

        1. I've recently gone to Joe Palumbo's Mirabella Cafe on Rt. 70 in the Barclay Farms shopping center and been very happy. He used to be the chef at Casanova Grill in Marlton which was good.

          Caffe Aldo Lamberti is also very good, a bit more expensive though.